Susan the Scarf Lady is our Holiday Market Favorite!

Columbus Circle Holiday Market’s website blurb about SUSAN BELLERO: New York based Itallian American designer Susan Bellero creates unique handmade women’s accessories and selects furnishings for your home using mostly vintage and repurposed imported textiles.

All true, but I and countless others (city and country dwellers – and I mean all countries here and across the pond) know her with great affection as OUR fabulous Susan the scarf lady. This is the third year I have exited the 1 train station at Columbus Circle to feel my heart race in anticipation of seeing Susan and the goodies she has brought for us this time. GLEE. It just is that. Unabashed kid excitement.

Let’s face it. We are not at a loss in this town for ANYTHING (except maybe peace and tranquility). There are scarf vendors on every corner in Chelsea where I live but none of them are like Susan the scarf lady.

What will strike you about Susan Bellero is that she looks you right in the eye with genuine interest that says, without a word, ‘How can I help you? AND thank you so much for coming to play’. And play it is. ¬†There are so many choice options, of varying weights and colors, and sizes – wools, wools with silk, gorgeous hand embroidery, digital designs. The appeal is to ALL – hippies of all generations, Sunday go to meeting ladies, the perennial wearers of black (you got me) for whom a scarf means everything.

Susan the scarf lady has tons of energy and an inner warmth that sustains her in that freezing kiosk. (Happily for her, and us, she has a decent heater this year) Currently she DOES have an array of options for guys (Dads/Granddads/Bosses..Hint for Holiday Gifts). Susan the scarf lady cares that when you leave her you will be really joyful about your choice. She gives you lots of time and assistance if you desire, and you usually do, because she’s got such a great eye. And what is SO New York, we all become each other’s fashion advisor. When someone you don’t know (as happened the other day – a woman from Paris, yes, France) exclaims ‘Oh, that looks GREAT on you!’ , how awesome is that?! Exchanges and encounters happen every time I’m there, amongst one person or another. The prices are reasonable and you find yourself (like me and those countless others) making this a one-stop shop for holiday gifts. This year I have revisited twice (it only opened Dec. 2 and runs through to 12/24) and have two shopping bags awaiting wrapping and cards. These are the gifts that get kept and worn! Friends remind me as winter blasts that they are still wearing and loving the sumptuous cozy jewel toned scarves given them last year or the year before.

In addition to scarves, Susan the scarf lady carries a glorious selection of shawls, throws, blankets and custom made and designed head bands and accessories. Year three I’m still at the scarves. My personal purchases first trip out are four below. Polar vortex? Bring it on!

Susan the Scarf Lady

Susan the Scarf ladyColumbus Circle Holiday Market Favorite.

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