Always looking for how to keep my weekdays anything but boring.   A book launch, for a book I had been anticipating, seemed like a fun and different way to spend my Tuesday evening. Little did I know that the book launch was being held at a store that I would quickly fall in love with.

What is the Story on Story?

Set in a 2000 square foot store located in Manhattan’s 10th Ave retail corridor, Story is a retail concept that “takes the point of view of a magazine, changes like a gallery and sells things like a store.” Meaning, every four to eight weeks, Story completely reinvents itself- from merchandise and store design to floor plan and fixtures – to bring to light a new theme, trend, or issue.


Some are calling this type of retail revolutionary. And I can’t argue with them after having seen Story. This month’s theme was “well-being” so every product in the store related back to this theme. From pillows detailed with inspiring quotations made by Casa and Co Design, to workout apparel, homemade beauty products, cookbooks, candles, artisan healthy treats, and much more. It was basically like walking into a real-life Etsy store. A dream come true.

With the support of Yahoo, Story explored the many aspects of not just being, but being well. Editors from Yahoo curated items they love and took part in the Story through a series of events held throughout the two months. One event, the one I attended,  was the launch of Adina Grigore’s book The Skin Cleanse. Adina was there to sign copies, as well as give goodie bags filled with two full size products, plus there was a DIY body scrub bar. Past well-being events included a heart opening yoga class, a refreshing discussion with Bobbi Brown, and even a cardio dance party.

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But come back next month, and it will be an entirely different theme and place. To create a “storytelling” environment, founder Rachel Shechtman works with designers and guest curators. The premise of the store, she explains, is based on two fundamental hypotheses:

  1. The future of retail will still be about consuption, but more about having a community and the shared experience they have.
  2. Retail is an untapped frontier for advertising, and there’s an intimate opportunity for conversation between the consumer and brand.

What’s the Next Story?

I tried finding out what the next theme would be, but all I got was “you’ll just have to wait and see…” For all others anxious to know what’s next in the Story, follow this link to sign up for updates and to learn more.

Story is Located at: 144 10th Ave. at 19th St. New York, New York 10011

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