This dark and lusty eatery, known for its sophisticated, modern Cantonese fare is serving up summertime sweets, making Hakkasan New York a must-visit destination this summer. The famous London eatery opened its doors in 2001 and has been expanding across the globe ever since with locations from Mumbai to Dubai. The sweeter side of Hakkasan New York is lead by Executive Pastry Chef Rory McDonald who creates a dizzyingly decadent array of scrumptious and innovative desserts.

Recently, I was invited to a 6-course dessert tasting with an engaging group of gourmands hosted by Chef Rory Macdonald who dazzled us with his signature summertime pastries that were all unmistakably Hakkasan New York.

Bring on the Desserts at Hakkasan New York

The afternoon began with black sesame and chocolate dumplings with ginger and yuzu tea poured over top. Dessert dumplings!  Need I say more? Not only was the texture similar to a dumpling, the chocolate filing really made this dessert explode with flavor.

Hakkasan New York


Next, and a crowd favorite, was the Strawberries & Champagne. The presentation of this dessert was delightful, layered with strawberries, vanilla panna cotta, rhubarb sorbet and topped with Champagne foam. The strawberries were from Berried Treasures Farm, which produces some of the freshest strawberries in the Northeast. Each bite was crisp, fresh and delicious making it the perfect summertime dessert.

Hakkasan New York

Strawberries & Champagne is a hard act to follow, and this Frozen Apricot Bavarois held up to the challenge. Once you got past how impressive and colorful the presentation of this dessert was, you are wowed by the flavors. Alternating bites of fresh apricots from Migliorello Farms paired together with sesame Florentine and kalamansi lime sherbet made this dessert as refreshing as it was beautiful.

Hakkasan New York

Perhaps my favorite of the afternoon was the Zesty Lemon Tart. This Hakkasan New York dessert was perfectly topped with blueberries, blueberry sorbet and ginger foam. One couldn’t resist capturing a little of each ingredient with every spoonful.

Hakkasan New York

The Chocolate & Summer Cherry Parfait was one of the most innovative desserts on the menu, made with organic chocolate, Sicilian pistachio mousse, sour cherries and Jasmine rice gelato. Each bite was as decadent as it was light, making it perfect for summer.

Hakkasan New York

And any dessert tasting wouldn’t quite be complete without a selection of house made macarons. All with exotic, robust flavors from salted caramel to blood orange.

Hakkasan New York

As summer winds down, Hakkasan New York, a Michelin Star award-winning restaurant should be on everyone’s list. And be sure when you visit, order more than one dessert!

For more information on Hakkasan New York check out this fantastic write up.

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