I headed to Banc Cafe with a big group for dinner. Luckily they take reservations so our large group could be accommodated, even on a busy night. We were seated at a high bar table and the waitress was more than accommodating to our group of 10!

The Grub at Banc Cafe

I first ordered the potato gnocchi with sundried tomatoes and creamy pesto. From a quick scan of the table this was one of their biggest “small plates.” If you aren’t too hungry this could easily be enough for a meal. The gnocchi was soft and flavorful, not like those chewy dough balls that some places sometimes pass off as gnocchi. I absolutely suggest getting some bread to sop up the leftover pesto because it is delicious!

For my entree I went for the steak flatbread, which also was decked out with goat cheese, tomato, onion, watercress and jalapeño. The flat bread, at Banc Cafe, was cut into 5 pieces total and there was one piece of steak on each piece, which worked out nicely. The only disappointment was that the end pieces were a little skimped on the goat cheese, which made them a little dry. However, adding even more leftover gnocchi sauce to the end pieces easily solved this dilemma. Tragedy Averted!

Banc Cafe

Banc Cafe also has a good drink menu ranging from specialty cocktails to craft brews and sangria. Late night the bar gets going and is the perfect place to find warmth and get away from the crowds. I’m planning on heading back to Banc Cafe for a date night – I think it’s a great spot for that. Low lighting and a wide range of prices on the menu make it ideal for dates. Banc Cafe is one of the more high ends bars in the neighborhood and I’m happy to add it to my list of regular go to spots!

Banc Cafe
431 3rd Avenue
New York, NY 10016,
TEL:(212) 252-0146

Check out the Banc Cafe Website

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