Do you have a favorite lunch spot around work? Unless your favorite spot is $1 pizza, then I’m sure those bills are pilling up fast. Good news is that some of your favorite spots have food apps with rewards for their most loyal customers. And some of these food apps also have a charitable component to them, making your lunch impactful as well as delicious. Here’s a look at some of the best loyalty programs in the city right now.

Sweet Green – Food App

A personal favorite of mine, Sweet Greens is the destination for fast and delicious food that’s healthy for you. Made with organic ingredients sourced from local farmers around New York.

Download their loyalty food App today and get $3 towards your first purchase just by signing up. Then, with every $99 you spend using the app, get $9 back for your next purchase. Bonus: the more you spend, the more perks you unlock – free birthday salads, charitable donations, access to invite-only events and more!

The more you spend, the faster you’ll reach “green status”, which donates 1% of your purchase to FoodCorps to support healthy eating in schools.

*Pro tip: Eating with coworkers? Tell them to download the app and when they spend $3, you’ll score $3 back!  Check out the Sweet Green website for info on their food app

Dig Inn

Probably the best lunch deal all around. It’s seasonal, farm-fresh, and won’t hurt your wallet.  And with their food app powered by LevelUp, you can earn rewards with every meal.

Like Sweet Green, when you download the food app, you’ll instantly receive $3. Same goes for when you refer friends. And again, spend $99 and receive a $9 credit, both in restaurants and online. Plus, you can use the food app to find a location near you, or for just browsing the menu.  Check out the Dig Inn Website for info on their food app.

Num Pang

This gourmet Cambodian sandwich shop has awesome food and is the perfect way to spice up your week. With their food app, you can pay and earn rewards with each visit. For every $88 you spend using the app, you’ll get $8 in return for your next time.   Check out the Itunes app store website for info on the Num Pang Food App

Other lunch spots with similar food app benefits: Organic Avenue, Hale and Hearty, Fresh&Co.

Gregory’s Coffee

Coffee or tea lover? Save on that next cup with Gregory’s Coffee app with their “Gregular Program!” This app allows you to pay with your phone, makes you eligible for Gregular Only promotions, and earn rewards. For every $50 you spend using the app, we give you $5 towards your next purchase.  For more info on Gregory’s Coffee app check out the Itunes App Store website

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