After a long winter, the restaurant industry is back. 

Manhattan restaurant guidelines allow for 35 percent capacity for indoor dining. Starting on March 15, the capacity expands to 50 percent. Manhattan residents can start going out for dinner again, provided that they follow social distancing. 

But there are thousands of restaurants open in Manhattan. What are the best ones? Here are five great eateries you can dine in today. 

1. Mei Jin Ramen

Mei Jin Ramen – Never say no to Ramen!

Mei Jin Ramen is on the Upper West Side. As the name suggests, Mei Jin serves ramen alongside a wide array of Japanese dishes. 

Popular appetizers include gyoza and tuna tartare. Vegetarians can enjoy pumpkin tempura, served with green tea salt and sweet soy sauce. 

What makes Mei Jin distinct from most ramen shops is its incredible versatility in ramen. They serve dishes in beef, chicken, and vegetable broth. They even offer “cold ramen,” which combines vegetables and proteins without broth.

Their spicy shredded pork tonkotsu ramen contains pork bone broth brewed for 12 hours. Light amounts of bamboo and chive provide a crunch to the dish.

2. Sinigual

Sinigual’s instagram account

Sinigual is in Midtown East. It is a Mexican restaurant that combines contemporary and traditional flavors. 

Like many Mexican-influenced restaurants, Sinigual offers tableside guacamole. Their advantage is their housemade tortillas, which are prepared throughout the day. Diners can also order a sampler platter, trying out a number of appetizers like quesadillas. 

Sinigual specializes in meat dishes. Their double-cut bone-in pork chop is topped with pineapple salsa and achiote sauce. This provides light flavors to the rich and salted meat. 

3. Melba’s 

Melba’s in Harlem

Melba’s is in Harlem. Melba’s provides American comfort food that is Southern-inspired. 

Appetizers include fried calamari and crab cakes. For diners who are looking for healthier options, Melba’s provides Caesar salads and grilled vegetable sandwiches. 

Those who are looking to indulge can order fried chicken and waffles. They are served alongside strawberry butter and maple syrup, providing the perfect sweet and salty experience. 

4. Uva

UVA NYC instagram account

Uva is on the Upper East Side. It is a wine bar restaurant with a rustic but relaxed vibe. Unlike a lot of New York Italian restaurants, you can eat in their backyard patio year-round. 

Their dishes are Italian-themed, but Uva offers more than just pasta. Their pollo alla partenopea features a breast of chicken stuffed with creamy caciocavallo cheese. A plum tomato sauce tops the breast, and artichokes provide a light side dish. 

5. Gotham West Market

Gotham West Market instagram account

Gotham West Market is in Hell’s Kitchen. It is a food market offering a plethora of dishes. 

You can dine in at dell’anima, a vendor of popular Italian dishes. Their fried gnocchi is served with a braised rabbit ragu. An adventurous eater can sample bone marrow topped with pickled red onion. 

Diners who prefer Asian dishes can go to Don Wagyu. Their wagyu baos feature premium meats with fresh sauces on light buns. 

The Five Best Restaurants Open in Manhattan

After a year of closures, restaurants open in Manhattan at fifty percent capacity. Now the question is which one to visit. 

Mei Jin Ramen serves an incredible range of ramen and Japanese dishes. Sinigual provides premium Mexican meat entrees. 

Someone looking for great comfort food should head to Melba’s. For a wine bar experience, you can go to Uva. Gotham West Market lets a diner sample dishes from different vendors. 

Keep up to the date on Manhattan’s dining trends. Eat Up New York provides the latest coverage. Read our guide on garden dining. 

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