There are a number of pizza places around my new apartment that I’ve heard, from one friend or another, are so good.  It is my intention to try all of them.

The Pizza Quest

For my first stop on this Pizza quest I went to try out Garlic New York Pizza Bar in hopes of something delicious. Garlic is famous for their grandma style square pan pizza.  Their menu is different all the time so it’s not guaranteed that if you head there that the slices I’m writing about will be there.

Garlic New York Pizza Bar’s grandma style slices aren’t as thin a crust as I’m used to. Their crust does seem very familiar to focaccia bread because of the way the oil cooks the bottom of the pie in the pan. That being said by no means is the crust the heavy doughy kind of crust you can expect from a pizza chain. While Garlic’s slices may not be the traditional NYC pizza it is another great option!

Garlic New York Pizza Bar

I went for their famous white slice, which is totally covered in ricotta and mozzarella. Most white slices I’ve had have a dollop of ricotta here and there.  The white slice at Garlic New York Pizza Bar is completely covered in ricotta and then that is topped with mozzarella.

Garlic New York Pizza Bar

The sautéed eggplant slice was a group favorite. The Eggplant is on top without sauce and just loads of mozzarella. Although a bit sweet, it was such a unique slice and we all embraced it.

Garlic New York Pizza Bar

If you are a fan of buffalo chicken, the slice at Garlic New York Pizza Bar is not to be missed! The bite size pieces of chicken are small enough that they are easy to eat but big enough that they make the right proportion to the crust. I’ve had many slices of buffalo chicken pizza in my day but this one really takes the (pizza) pie!

Garlic New York Pizza Bar

I managed to sneak a bite of my friend’s upside down slice which has sauce on top of the cheese. This slice totally packed the flavor. It was the only one I got to try that had their sauce on it and I know next time I go this will probably be the slice I order. The sauce had a lot of basil and oregano, both flavors I love!

Garlic New York Pizza Bar

One of the things I really liked about the slices at Garlic New York Pizza Bar is that whether you love or loathe crust, Garlic has something for you. The centerpieces have almost no crust because of how covered in cheese they are but the corner pieces have double crust. They also cut the squares diagonally into two triangles, which makes the slices perfect for sharing with friends.

For more info on Garlic New York Pizza Bar check out there website

Look out for updates on on my pizza quest!

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