Eating at Peacefood Cafe says a lot about you. It says you enjoy eating delicious food. It says you enjoy being surrounded by good people. And most importantly, it says you care about what’s on your plate and the impact it makes on the world.

Where did Peacefood Cafe Come from?

Peacefood Cafe originally opened on Manhattan’s Upper West Side in 2009. It was started by two vegans; Eric, an antiques dealer, and Peter, an interior designer, with the belief that the awareness of non-violence can be spread through feeding people with delicious vegan food. With this belief, they decided to change careers and focus on sharing their love for the vegan experience with everyone. The name Peacefood comes from the simple idea that peace begins on your plate. It’s a fact that the vegan lifestyle can transform not only the lives of farm animals, but also the environment and one’s personal health. Since their successful 2009 opening, they have opened a second location in the popular and exciting Union Square neighborhood.

All of their food is made using organic, raw materials, and most importantly, with love. Upon entering, you immediately feel the warmth and peacefulness of the cafe as well as a sudden craving for cakes and cookies galore with one look at their bakery items behind the counter that stare at you. With cookies, cakes, and even raw key lime pies…it will hard to resist. But try your best to save the dessert for later, because the food here is too good to pass up. As the friendly servers greet you and bring you to your table, you suddenly feel right at home.

Our Peacefood Cafe Favorites

All time favorites on the menu include the chickpea fries, Japanese pumpkin sandwich, and the fluffy quinoa salad. Personal favorites are the raw sushi(order right when you sit down as they hand roll each order!), raw pizza, and the asian greens salad. Their sandwiches are all exquisite, each made using their homemade flaxseed bread. And did I mention that everything on the menu is affordable? Even for NYC standards! Salads and sandwiches are all just $10-12. And when you think of all the hard work and care that went into making this food, that is quite a deal. And when it’s finally time for dessert, do not skimp out here. I could list some favorites, but it would essentially look identical to the menu. Just trust me, you can’t order wrong here.

Peacefood Cafe

So the next time you find yourself walking around the farmer’s market, hungry for a delicious and affordable meal, do yourself(and the world) a favor and take a stroll over to Peacefood cafe for an experience you won’t regret later.

You can find more about Peacefood Cafe by checking out their website.


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