With the only line longer than Home Frites being at Dough, Home Frites was parked directly at the entrance of this mouthwatering place called heaven, wait… I mean Smorgasburg. We happened to attend Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this past Saturday and every New Yorker knows when you see a line of people waiting for food it must be something special. No doubt about it, you end up waiting on that line. We are talking about french fries here people!! The best damn french fries I have ever tasted. There is clearly a science to these spuds, and Home Frittes has it figured out. The truffle fries, combined with sprinkled parmesan cheese and lemon garlic aioli sent my taste buds on a ride. From the menu, to the uniquely engineered cone packaging, the fries that are served in Home Frittes are out of this world!

Home Frite at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Directly next door to these awesome freedom fries were Dan and John’s Chicken Wings. Dan the wing man was there and taking orders. Buffalo Bills hard hat, bandana, hoodie, shorts and construction boots, the man looked like a tailgating party. With a recommendation from Dan himself, I went with the 3 piece spicy bbq chicken wings. With a smile across his face, Dan tossed up some spicy bbq wings for me. In style he threw them in the air mixing the saucy goodness back and forth while singing and dancing.

Dan and Johns Chicken Wings at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Dan and Johns at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn








Fried sauced and plated with 2 celery sticks, creamy bleu cheese dressing and a wet wipe, the wings were complete and ready to be eaten! The first bite packed a punch that had me wanting more. Every bite was better than the last! Dan and John definitely know what they’re doing.  HUGE wings with some bold flavor

Chicken Wings from Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Ca’pisci, a little Italian spot serving up fresh fish, served some OK sword fish and stuffed calamari. The food wasn’t sizzling hot, but it was the end of the day so I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Swordfish at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Bite Size Kitchen offered me a delicious braised pork belly steam bun that almost had me begging for more!

Braised Pork Bell at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
The brisket from Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque was off the charts and I ate it so damn fast that I totally forgot to take a picture of it.  Trust me when I tell you that the brisket was awesome!  The brisket melted in your mouth. They offered the brisket on a bun, but I choose to leave the bun out on this one…. Didn’t want to take up too much real estate. Simple smoked brisket with a sweet bbq sauce made for some awesome flavor packed bites.

No trip to Smorgasburg could be complete without a lobster roll from Red Hook Lobster. Only one word to describe it, CRACK!  I choose the connecticut roll. Lobster swimming in buttery garlic sauce and then sandwiched between a classic lobster roll bun, toasted and of course you guessed it, more butter.

Red Hook Lobster at at Smorgasburg

At $16 a sandwich, it puts a dent in the wallet but fills holes in your heart you didn’t know existed in the first place. They do have a cheaper shrimp roll option for $10.

Outer borough gave me that stomach ache you get because you’re stupid and don’t listen to your brain when it tells you to stop eating. Scallion pancakes rolled with beef, cucumbers and cilantro made me question why I was rolling anything else besides that in high school.  It could have used a drizzle or dipping sauce but it had some real flavor and put up a solid fight for 1st place.

Do I even need to really mention Dough? The line was too long to wait on. But I did Catch the last doughnut, a lemon ginger concoction. A ginger lover’s dream, for sure. My dreams of having the hibiscus doughnut were shattered, but I guess it gives me another reason to visit their store front in Brooklyn.

Smorgasburg was an awesome experience, I’m sad I didn’t get to it sooner.

Smorgasburg runs every Saturday in Williamsburg at the East River State Park and every Sunday at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 11am-6pm. Hurry up and get there before it ends. Your last shot to try some of these incredible foods is on the weekend of November 23 and 24. Try and get there! Earlier in the day is definitely better.

We only live once so make sure it tastes good.


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