As much as I love to cook, I can’t deny the convenience of Seamless and other delivery services here in NYC. I guess we’re one lucky city with the ability to order whatever we want whenever we want. Whether it be sushi, thai, or mexican, your desire can be satisfied within the hour and delivered straight to your door. But as one who has the “healthy” filter permanently selected on Seamless, I still find it hard to successfully order as the healthy options on Seamless are slim to none. And lets face it, temptation sometimes gets the best of us.

SoRipe Born out of Friendship

Two friends – a health coach and a personal trainer – set out on a mission to help NYC eat clean and stay healthy, from the convenience of their homes. Realizing there was no easy way to find and order healthy food, that met their standards, they decided to tackle this problem by using their knowledge and passion for wellness and technology and together created soRipe.

The brand new app soRipe, which will officially launch later this year, will allow you to order food from restaurants in NYC that are as healthy as they are delicious. I reached out to CJ Richards, co-founder of soRipe, to hear more about the App and what sets them apart from the rest.

How will soRipe compare to other NYC delivery services, such as Seamless? Why should we use soRipe over other services?

The only thing we have in common with Seamless is we connect restaurants to customers. For starters, we only offer healthy/clean food. We believe if you are what you eat, why not be exceptional?

We have very high standards for our partners (restaurants) ingredients and we cater to lifestyle preferences such as paleo, vegan, vegetarian, macrobiotic, gluten-sensitive, etc.


We want our users to have access to clean and delicious alternatives to the everyday meal, without the temptation of processed or unhealthy meals or ingredients.

We found that when there is junk food in the kitchen, you tend to eat junk food. When you have access to junk food on your phone…well you get the idea.

What is healthy food? Meals that contain wholesome, minimally processed, local, all-natural ingredients.

What is the mission of soRipe?

Our mission is to make clean, healthy, and delicious food easily accessible.

Our goal is to encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle by creating a strong community of friends and thought leaders who are inspired by wellness.

How do restaurants/restaurant items get their place on soRipe? What are soRipe’s standards?

Our team of health coaches, personal trainers and nutritionists hand pick every restaurant and menu item. We have high standards when it comes to food and ingredients. We only choose local, all natural, organic, and / or sustainable restaurants that share our values.

Where will you be available for delivery? Do you plan on expanding?

We are starting in New York City. The delivery parameters are set by the restaurants. Delivery times are typically from 10AM to 10PM. Our goal is to conquer NYC, then expand into other cities.

When is the official launch?

We will be launching this year, starting in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and moving West into Midtown as we grow.

For more information on SoRipe, and to keep an eye out on their launch, check out their website.

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