Since I’ve graduated school and have somewhat retired from the party scene, my weekends are now filled with food instead of booze. When my mom calls me on Saturday morning for our standing brunch date I no longer need to look for a place that I can shove carbs down my throat to help cure my hangover. Yet, still I spend half of my mornings on Open Table reading menus before I find something up to par; in an effort to save everyone here some time here’s a few top notch places to brunch with mom (or dad).

Cupping Room

Even though I said before I wasn’t on the prowl for carbs anymore, that’s not 100% true. Every girl can use a nice carbo loading session with their mom every once in a while. If you go to the cupping room, carbs are the move. I highly recommend the stuffed French toast as it comes with two nice pieces of brioche French toast with cream cheese in between and a side of berries. I know French toast and cream cheese may seem like an unlikely combo but it hits the salty and sweet cravings for a good time all around.

Friend of a Farmer

Although I’d try hitting up Friend of a Farmer in the spring/summer because they have great outdoor seating, it’s still a staple of the Grammercy area that you should hit up. Eggs are definitely the go to at Friend of a Farmer. With tons of signature omelets you don’t even need to use your brain cells to build your own and they’re served in a small skillet with home fries. The trick here is to ask for a slice of their toast and jam. You’re definitely reading that thinking I’m crazy because who cares about toast, but it’s homemade and comes with fresh jam at no extra cost!


Westville is perfect for when you’re still trying to pretend its brunch but you’re more on the lunch end of the spectrum. At Westville you have to get a market plate or you’re doing it wrong. For $15 you can get 4 different items from the “Westville Market” ranging from Brussel sprouts in a honey Dijon sauce to Siracha sweet potato tots. And I think I’d be a pretty bad vegetarian if I didn’t recommend both their veggie burger as well as their vegan quinoa artichoke burger.

So for everyone out there whose #brunchingwithmom try these three options out and stay tuned as I continue to eat my way through this city.

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