A little over a week ago I had the pleasure of heading back into the motherland of Brooklyn for the second annual Mofongo launch party. In the back of a boutique clothing shop, on Driggs Ave, was the holy grail of Mofongos.

No Mofongo for Drew

It all started in late October when i convinced myself to finally get to Smorgasburg. It was late in the day so I had not been able to taste all I wanted to taste. Bummer; However I stopped at a tent labeled Mofon-Go and met one of the owners.  His name was Manolo and he was extremely passionate about what he and his cofounders had come up with. While he felt horrible for being sold out ,and not being able to feed a starving boy (me), he went on to describe just what this MofonGo spot served up.


A healthy serving of fried plantains are mashed to form a bowl and then a choice of chicken or veggie to fill the bowl. They top it off with house made sauces, adobo and a fork although id prefer a shovel for this.

MofonGo Fried Pork

The MofonGo crew had that Puerto Rican charm we all love so much. Collin and Sean, Manolo’s roommates and cofounders definitely share that firey passion for MofonGo too. “It was one of the ideas you get just sitting on the couch.”


Sean told me before getting into more detail about the business and their new MofonGo option, pork. The fried pork was actually what I ate at the launch party and it was stoopid good! Their house made beet and Sriracha sauce threw the whole thing into overdrive and I had an all new appreciation for Guy Fieri’s cheesy words “Welcome to flavor town!”


The Puerto Rican rum open bar and DJ was a very nice touch to the party but nothing overpowered that bowl of MofonGo I had. Smorgasburg opened April 4th and I definitely suggest you get on line for some MofonGo quickly before its all sold out!!

For more info on Mofongo you can check out their Facebook Page

We only live once so make sure it tastes good! Don’t forget to #EatUpNewYork


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