Market Table couldn’t be a more fitting name to describe the restaurant in the West Village. Located on the corner of Carmine and Bedford Streets, Market Table is surrounded by exposed brick walls and large windows that allow you to peek outside (or inside if you’re walking by) onto the streets of the West Village. Chef Mike Price and his partner, Joe Campanaro offer their customers brunch, lunch and dinner menus that serve seasonal American cuisine that is fresh and can be found at your local market.

Anniversary at Market Table

When I was finally able to reserve a table here in advance, it was a sign from above. I was celebrating my one year engaged anniversary (yes that is apparently a ‘thing’) and snagged the 9:00pm seating Market Table had waiting for us. Not to mention that it is located in the West Village and in case you haven’t noticed, that is a very frequent dining neighborhood for me.

When we dine out for special occasions, I love to pace the meal. It is one of my biggest pet peeves when restaurants ‘require’ you to place your order for your entire meal at once. Aka they want you to sit down and get up within the next two hours (if they are that generous) so they can seat the next guest. But this was not the case at Market Table. We spent our time first looking at the wine list and actually had our waiter pick out a bottle Pinot Noir for us. We then were able to order dish by dish what we wanted. Since Market Table is a vegetable and seafood heaven, it was going to take me quite some time to narrow down what I wanted.

We first ordered half a dozen oysters as that is a staple in our dining out diet. We got a variety of which ever were fresh that day. It’s a little ridiculous that I say how much I love oysters yet I can never remember the names of which ones I love besides that I prefer west coast over east coast. Regardless whatever oysters were served that night at Market Table, they were divine and the ideal first taste to our meal.

Market Table

We then ordered the Lobster Wontons that I assumed were going to be fried. Maybe that is my mind telling me that America is on to something with the amount of fried things usually offered on the menu. We were pleasantly surprised that the Lobster Wontons were the complete opposite. I would almost describe them as Lobster Ravioli. They were filled with lobster, shrimp, fennel, saffron and swimming in the best sauce I have ever had (seriously I was tempted to ask for a side of it to go).

Market Table

I couldn’t decide on just one vegetable and one entree so my waiter suggested ordering two vegetables as she said I couldn’t go wrong with any. We all know that Brussels sprouts and kale are the craze and like any other basic white chick I crave them. The brussels sprouts at Market Table were unlike any others I have had before. Sautéed with apples and squash they were so soft and bursting with flavor. I was supposed to share these with my fiancé, but unfortunately I think he just had the leftover squash I didn’t eat. The kale was mixed with garlic, lemon, evoo and chili. It was also softer and the mix of seasonings was amazing.

Market Table Market Table

What Did Jordan eat at Market Table?

Jordan went the pork chop. This wasn’t just any ordinary pork chop, as we both just stared at it when it was placed onto the table because it was bigger than his head. He couldn’t remember the last time he had one and our waiter said it was one of the most popular dishes on the menu, so naturally it was a must for him. Toasted orzo, ragout, escarole and olives accompanied the Berkwood Farms Pork Chop that was quickly devoured and left with nothing on the plate.

Market Table

Market Table has made the list of my all time favorite restaurants. I may regret telling everyone about this since it will make getting a reservation even harder but the quality of food here is something everyone needs to taste and experience.

For more information on Market Table check out their website

Market Table
54 Carmine Street
New York, NY

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