Uma Temakeria has been all over Instagram recently, and as a huge fan of sushi I decided to see what it was all about.

While California may have the sushi burrito we have Uma Temakeria. A temaki or a hand roll is made up of rice, fish and other sushi fillings inside of a cone made of nori.   Although the temakis at Uma Temakeria are a bit more expensive than a hand roll from the average sushi joint, you can get the best deal at Uma Temakeria by ordering two rolls with a side for just $14.

I decided to order their Isara Salmon roll, the seasonal Fish n’ Chips roll, and a side of seaweed salad. The Isara Salmon roll was filled with salmon sashimi, seaweed salad, creamy miso dressing and white sushi rice. I added some sesame seeds on top for extra crunch! This roll was the one I preferred, I am a huge fan of salmon and the seaweed inside of the roll made it a little bit different. The seasonal Fish n’ Chips roll is by far the kookiest one on the menu.  It is full of raw fluke, celery, tartar sauce, potato chips and white sushi rice. This option was fun and I’m glad I tried it, but from now on I might stick to more standard sushi flavors. Their seaweed salad was delicious and refreshing. Next time I hope to try their spicy miso soup for my side, which I’ve heard, it is their most popular side dish.

Uma Temakeria

Julie tagged along with me for this adventure. Julie decided to make her own roll at Uma Temakeria. Her roll consisted of brown rice, fluke, seaweed salad, Uma’s seasonal pickle, the avocado lime sauce as well as the wasabi ginger sauce. Just moments ago when I asked Julie to recall what she thought about Uma Temakeria she said, “when can we go back.” If that isn’t a good enough description of our meal at Uma Temakeria, I don’t know what is.

Uma Temakeria, 64 Seventh Avenue, NY, NY – Website

You can also find Uma Temakeria at one of our favorite outdoor food pop-ups – Madison Square Eats.


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