We are so lucky, at Eat Up New York, to have access to a grill in Manhattan.  Actually we are lucky to have friends who have access to a grill.  Whatever it is that we find ourselves cooking, having the ability to grill some portion of the dish adds that extra something freakin awesome!  This Homemade meal of Grilled Zucchini & Sauteed Mushrooms is such a great Autumn throw-together and there really is nothing in it that will get you into too much trouble.  So here is our step by step – Portions are totally discretionary here depending on the size of your baking pan and just how many layers you want to add.  You are the boss of your own throw-together.

So we start by slicing the Zucchini into coins that we can throw right on our grill.  We do paint the zucchini, gently, with some olive oil before putting it on the grill.  I would estimate grill time at 7 minutes – keep in mind that they are going to bake in the oven at some point.


Look at how happy my Zucchini looks with their beautiful grill marks – Can you see my ear to ear smile?

So while our Zucchini is chilling and grilling we need to Saute up some shrooms.  Olive oil, salt and pepper and saute away.   Probably 7-8 minutes on the shrooms – If you do the Zucchini and the mushrooms at the same time….think of all that extra time you have on your hands!


Love me some Sauteed Mushrooms – They work with anything – When we are done sauteing the shrooms we chop them up

Now that our key ingredients are done the magic of layering happens.  You can vary the layering anyway you want or until you find the perfect blend that makes you happy.  I like to use the Grilled Zucchini as my bottom base layer.  Each layer is separated by cheese, cheese, and then some more cheese.  Yeah there is sauce in there also.  We layer it like a lasagna, Zucchini, sauce vegetables and cheese…repeat until full!  Did I mention the Cheese?  And you know what we love best with this Throw-Together?  Smoked Mozzarella…..Boom!  There it is.

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Look at this Throw-Together coming Together

After Baking in the oven –  20-25 minutes at 450 you get a throw-together that can be eaten right away or you could save it and eat it for several days.  This is one of those burn your face off dishes.  Like pizza when brought to the table…and you know it is too hot to bite into but you just can’t help yourself.  So you bite and burn every surface on the inside of your mouth, and when the pain subsides you go in for another flesh burning mouthful.  You don’t really care because it tastes so good and you know the burn will heal…eventually.



Can’t you see how good this smells?


It makes us want to cry because we don’t have any left over and our mouths are burnt from eating it too fast when it was too hot.  So there you have it – Homemade Grilled Zucchini & Sauteed Mushroom Throw-Together.  Eat Up New York!

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