The office holiday party is either widely anticipated or severely dreaded. Free food and booze plus the opportunity to see your bosses humiliate themselves on the dance floor can definitely outweigh staying home to wrap another gift. Sure this is a great chance to let loose and enjoy yourself with coworkers but remember that you will see these people in the cube next to you or around a conference table after. Don’t allow the unlimited booze let you stray too far from the office dress code. If you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it at work, do not wear it to the party. I’ve been to many holiday parties with different themes and at various locations. Here are my top picks to get you through any type of party this season:


For the Potluck in the Conference Room Office Party:

For the Office Cocktail Party:


For the Formal Cocktail Holiday Party: 

For the “I Can’t Afford a Ballgown for This Black-Tie Event” Party:


For the Must Wear a Holiday Color Party:


For the “I Have No Idea What to Wear to This” Party:


For the “I’m Feeling Extra-Festive This Season” Party:


For the “I Refuse to Wear an Ugly Sweater AGAIN!” Party:


For the Black or White Holiday Party:

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