Finding the right breakfast for me has been troubling. I usually make what I consider a good-sized breakfast but wind up starving by 10:30am. So I’ve been in search of a breakfast that will be filling without making me sleepy from being too filling. In an effort to solve this dilemma I’ve found that getting some protein into my breakfast is extremely important. So after much trial and error here is my recipe for my new favorite breakfast. A healthy breakfast burrito!


Ingredients for the healthy breakfast burrito:

½ a small baked sweet potato
2 eggs
Pico de gallo (I like the medium pico from Trader Joe’s)
Baby kale or spinach
Your favorite hot sauce (I used Cholula)
A medium who wheat or sprouted grain tortilla


Directions for the healthy breakfast burrito:

First things first, I get my cast iron pan super hot. Cast iron pans are great for eggs and cooking eggs in the pan also really helps to season a new cast iron (for more into about how to care for a cast iron check out my article here). I put just a little butter down on the pan and some salt and pepper. Yes salt and pepper the pan even before the eggs.

In a separate bowl crack the eggs and scramble them with a whisk or fork. Pour the eggs onto the pan. As soon as the bottom sets up use a rubber spatula and drag the outer edges into the center and scramble. Remove the eggs from the pan so they don’t over cook. Warm the tortilla on the pan.

Healthy Breakfast Burrito

Assembling the healthy breakfast burrito

Using a fork mash the sweet potato on to the tortilla. Place the eggs on top of the sweet potato, then add as much pico de gallo and hot sauce as you’d like. Finish up on top with a handful of baby kale or spinach. Roll up the burrito! Enjoy and feel full until lunchtime!

Healthy Breakfast Burrito

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