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I received a text message from some reliable west coast taste buds. “I read a NY Times article about a burger truck in Mill Basin, it’s called Hard Times Sundaes.” So the adventure began!
The New York Times thinks they know everything! Well, they weren’t wrong about this one. I pulled over and parked my car alongside the picnic tables and had to see what all the rage was about. At first I peeked with no intentions of getting anything, maybe just snapping a couple pics and seeing what this food truck was all about. After listening to the guy in the truck throw some Brooklyn attitude out of the window at some kvetchy customers I was sold! Making jokes at customers, that are borderline rude and whiney, shows some real confidence! Of course, to the Brooklyn trained ear, these jokes were harmless and meant with love!

Hard Times Sundaes - 2 Patties, Pickles, Onions & Cheese

2 Patties, Pickles, Onions, Cheese

Hard Times Sundaes Burger Profile

Burger Profile – Glamour Shot










So I ordered one burger (ok maybe two, shoot me.)  I went all natural with the first one. No ketchup, no cheese, just raw diced onions and a Martin’s potato bun. I wanted to see what the burger itself had to say. I waited about 3 minutes for the single with onions. As I inhaled it, I was already thinking about what was going to be on the next one. I was already full, but couldn’t leave just yet! I picked up my phone and made a phone call home to find out what the rest of the crew wanted to eat.  I wound up asking Andrew, the owner of Hard Times Sundaes, to make me any kind of burger he’d like alongside an order of fries and a grilled cheese for a vegetarian, who I happen to really like (yes vegetarians are good people too). I Waited about 10 minutes for everything as every order is made fresh. I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity to try the burger filled with pickles, grilled onions, cheese, bacon and two beef patties.

That would just be rude! I took one really big bite and WOW, an explosion of flavor in my mouth! I tasted every layer of this labor of love. Wish I could have had room for more! Finally, I made my departure with grease soaked brown bags in hand and went on my merry way! Heard great things about the grilled cheese from the vegetarian, and the fries disappeared rather quickly upon their arrival home.

Hard Times Sundaes - To Go

Grilled Cheese and Burger to Go

Andrew, Mr. Hard Times Sundaes himself, was a cool dude who has been in the food business a while and takes a lot of pride in his work. He was constantly cleaning and wiping down everything in the truck.  Cleanliness is clearly a priority to him and that goes a long way!  The burger man isn’t just a burger man but really a jack of all trades selling hot dogs, chili, soup in the colder climates, and Italian ices at warmer times of the year.  Burgers start at 4$ a pop with more than 6 toppings to choose from for FREE, not counting bacon n cheese.  Hard Times Sundaes is definitely worth pulling over for at 5700 Avenue U (East 58th street), or even walking from a different borough as done by previous customers (see his instagram). I mean the dude’s got a Butter roller on his grill…so just trust me, go and order it all!

We only live once so make sure it tastes good!



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