Sure the 4th of July is about our nation’s independence, fireworks and patriotism, but just like other holidays, it’s also all about the food! It’s a time when people grill an all-American spread of burgers and hot dogs. They make classic apple pie and a cake with an American flag design decorating the top. And some people prefer to enjoy something gourmet since the day is a special occasion. Whatever you prefer, this holiday is the perfect time to stuff your face in the name of patriotism! If you don’t have plans to go to a loved one’s barbecue or host your own this year, try one of these outings this 4th of July in NYC:

Cruise Around the River for the 4th of July in NYC

You get the best of all worlds when you take a dinner cruise on the 4th of July in NYC. You get front-row seats to the city fireworks display without fighting the crowds. You can enjoy the breeze coming off the water and views of the city skyline. And you’ll get a full meal if you choose a dinner cruise instead of a regular fireworks cruise. With the New York 4th of July Dinner Cruise, you’re in for a hefty price tag at $400 a person, but you get the benefits we just mentioned on a four-hour tour, as well as dancing to a live DJ. Your ticket buys you a five-course meal with New American cuisine. Your options include dishes such as watermelon salad with feta cheese and prime filet mignon with horseradish potatoes. Even better, drinks are included! You can find other dinner cruises on this holiday as well, so you have options to choose from. For More Details

Head to the Pier for Food and Drinks

Every year, there’s a 4th of July in NYC Party on the Pier on 12th Avenue between West 41st and 42nd Street. You’ll find the grilled food that’s quintessential for this holiday, along with drinks and live DJ music. You might also be able to catch the fireworks display from this waterside spot. (Except it will probably be the Fireworks from New Jersey since the NYC Fireworks display is back on the East River for 2015) This event generally costs $94 per person in advance or $104 that day. Event Details

Your Favorite Restaurant for the 4th of July in NYC

It’s a bit too early for announcements, but many New York City restaurants tend to have specials for this national holiday. This gives you a chance to see what amazing chefs can cook up as twists on classic holiday favorites. Last year, The Dutch served corn dogs, watermelon punch and other carnival fare. 230 5th served hot dogs and cocktails, while Sons of Essex roasted pigs and served it with Brooklyn beer. Check for city restaurant specials when July 4th starts creeping a little closer on the calendar.

Enjoy the Eating Show!

If you want to watch someone else stuff their face for a change of pace, head to the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest on Coney Island. It’s always fun to see just how much a person is capable of eating, and watching the contest will help you feel like less of a pig after holiday gorging! Or if you think you’re a real hot dog-eating pro, you’ve still got time to enter one of the qualifying competitions!

Whether or not you plan to watch the 4th of July in NYC fireworks display in the city, don’t miss out on some amazing food this holiday. Are you planning to have a barbecue at your place or go to a city destination for a holiday meal? Let us know your plans in the comments — we can’t wait to hear all about it!

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