At last week’s BodyLocal Networking Luncheon I attended, they served some delicious plant-based, gluten free food. I was so impressed with the complex and interesting flavors, and the colorful variety of food. I immediately wanted to know where it came from, and how I could get more…the answer was Kitchen Therapy.

Lucky for you New Yorkers, Kitchen Therapy has begun their delivery service, bringing you healthy, completely delectable pre-made meals straight to your door. The co-founders behind Kitchen Therapy, Federico and Simonne, want to help those that aim to get healthy, look good, and feel energized. And they know all three can be accomplished simply by eating real food. Their meals are completely free of animal products, added oils, and refined flours and sugar.

How Kitchen Therapy Began

After experiencing debilitating health issues, Federico found that a whole food, plant-based diet was hugely helpful in reducing his level of pain, anxiety and depression, as well as allowing him to get back on his feet with the help of yoga and physical therapy. His healing process inspired him to learn everything he could about the whole foods, plant-based lifestyle.

“I started binge-reading cookbooks and looking for the best vegan recipes from the world’s culinary traditions: what’s the best gluten-free vegan bread? What is the tastiest plant-based yoghurt? How can I recreate traditional recipes without using oil? And so on.”

Federico and his partner Simonne recognized that just like themselves, most New Yorkers are looking for a way to eat healthy without spending all night cooking, and without signing up for a “detox” plan that leaves you starving. Even more importantly, they saw that a growing number of hospitals, doctors, and healthcare professionals are using a whole food, plant-based diet to help reverse cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and even help with certain types of cancer. Federico and Simonne wanted to make it easy for doctors and patients to use nutrition as therapy, thus Kitchen Therapy was born.

Hope does Kitchen Therapy Work?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered, with options changing weekly. Deliveries are made three times a week, giving you two days’ worth of food with each delivery. For my first experience trying Kitchen Therapy, I was amazed by the variety of food delivered. I had smoothies, pumpkin bread, a Mexican style collard green burrito, a Mediterranean marvels platter, and Millet couscous just to name a few. For being vegan and gluten free, these meals are far from boring.

Kitchen Therapy

Besides meal deliveries, Kitchen Therapy has a few exciting projects in the works. They are working with the healthcare community, which will empower patients to improve their health through food and possibly avoid costly pill regimens. Federico and Simonne are also looking forward to collaborating with yoga studios, gyms, and wellness-minded individuals and organizations to help make a healthy lifestyle easier than ever.

Don’t miss the Discount Code!

In other exciting news, right now Kitchen Therapy is offering an introductory offer, use the code HEALTHNUT at checkout for 15% off your order!

Kitchen Therapy is committed to making healthy easy and convenient for you to simply enjoy. Let them empower you on your journey through their food! You’ll be feeling refreshed, energetic, guilt free, and peaceful with each bite.

Fore more information on Kitchen Therapy or to place your order check out their website.



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