COFFEED is opening soon in the lobby of New York Foundling on 6th ave. between 16th and 17th street. I am an undeniable coffee fiend. It is liquid gold to me, an elixir that gets me through my hectic New York City days and nights. Therefore, I am always on the alert for and quite interested in new coffee places in my neighborhood. I discovered Coffeed one day as I was walking down 6th avenue and noticed the giant mural in front of New York Foundling . The colorful words on the black background jumped out at me. Promise, Home, Confidence, Faith, Opimistic, Love, to name a few.


The mural I learned had been created by Brooklyn born visual artist George Siff . The words he used were inspired by the children who are under the care of New York Foundling (a charity that has existed in New York for 145 years). The word Coffeed was also in the mix of words on the mural and I wondered what in the world the two things had in common.. I am a curious person and needed to know what two of my passions (charity and coffee) had in common I did some research and was intrigued and happy to learn that Coffeed ( a socially conscience coffee shop) had entered into an agreement to rent space from New York Foundling in the lobby of their building. Coffeed is opening soon, either later this month or early next month, will be donating 10% of their sales to the Foundling and even more importantly they will employ developmentally disabled adults and teen foster children who receive services from the charity. Coffeed’s chief executive officer and co-founder New York born Frank “Turtle” Raffaele has made a commitment to his business participating in charitable acts in the community since he opened his first shop in LIC in 2012. Coffeed currently partners with two other non-profits City Growers and Community Mainstreaming Associates. I am beyond excited and looking forward to being able to enjoy their delicious cappuccinos, dark chocolate mochas and lattes while knowing that I am also helping a local children’s charity. Way to Go COFFEED!

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