Having watched every season of TOP CHEF when Tom Colicchio was at the helm, wielding his mighty rapier of ego deflating criticism at the mostly considerably accomplished chefs who had the misfortune to undercook a piece of fish, or combine flavors that failed to wield his interpretation of orgasmic results, I have been astounded…even more…GOBSMACKED at bad meals I have eaten at his restaurants. I keep trying from time to time and revisited Craftbar last evening. Starters were mostly happy and great accompaniments to our drinks which were whisked away before we had seen the bottom of our glasses. Not nice.  (And whoever decided that a martini glass and a champagne coup are one in the same is just plain wrong.)

The consistent deal breaker for some reason is fish. Skate was too salty to eat more than a few bites. Salmon was tasteless and dry.

IMG_4446Yellowfin tuna is stellar in so many other restaurants in the neighborhood. This was just meh. Arincini, kielbasi, meatballs, fried chicken, tasty sides of roasted brussel sprouts…all big hits. Fish is too pricey to screw up…especially rendered in the house of the expert.   But then how involved is Mr. C in Craftbar at this time? Anyone know?

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