Eat Up New York headed to the Refinery Hotel for the tasting of their new summer menu. Regardless of rain or shine this rooftop has got you covered, literally! There is a gorgeous glass enclosure that will keep you dry while managing to soak up whatever rays may be out. But if the weather is clear and sunny, you’re in for a treat! Outside on the patio you’ll get some of the most gorgeous views of the empire state building.

The Refinery Rooftop carefully crafts each one of their cocktails and you can’t really go wrong with any of the options! My favorite cocktail was the Whipstitch made of Famous Grouse scotch, lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white and garnished with an orange peel.

Refinery Rooftop

Happy Hour at the Refinery Rooftop

Heading for happy hour and just looking for some snacks before dinner? The Refinery Rooftop has some amazing sharable plates that will impress. I loved their hummus plate, served with naan bread, pita chips, seasoned cucumbers and crispy chickpeas. Their shisito peppers are awesomely blistered and offer just the right amount of heat. But the pretzel bread at Refinery Rooftop is really the thing you’ll want to make sure is on the table. These two softs doughy pretzel “sticks” (more like loafs) are delicious and warm, they are paired with a cheesy dipping sauce and a whole grain mustard.

Refinery Rooftop Refinery Rooftop Refinery Rooftop

On the Lighter Side

Something light that I would recommend ordering here is their shrimp cocktail, this is different than what is offered at most other places! This shrimp cocktail comes with four beautifully cooked jumbo shrimp, served on top of large chunks of watermelon soaked in a spicy yuzu koshu cocktail.

Refinery Rooftop

Their other delicious and healthy option is their kale salad.  Now before you judge this salad, it is so good you won’t even think it’s healthy! This salad has edamame, cashews, nori and even kung pao dressing! This salad tastes way more like a delicious sushi roll, rather than rabbit food.

Looking for something a little heartier? Their 16oz ribeye blew me away, is was just as juicy and flavorful as a steak from any steakhouse, if not better! The steak comes with a delicious steak sauce as well as grilled garlic toast.

Refinery Rooftop

They also have three different slider choices, the most interesting of which is their buffalo quinoa one. This vegetarian slider is a meat-free take on chicken wings, and it even comes topped with blue cheese aioli.

When it comes to dessert all of the options on the Refinery Rooftop are delicious! They have a salted chocolate pistachio ice cream sandwich that will remind you of a childhood treat but with a little more flare and flavor. And you can’t go wrong with their stacked carrot cake with fluffy cream cheese frosting.

I would recommend making a reservation at the Refinery Rooftop.  During the week they try to keep the crowd small upstairs but on Friday and Saturday nights they turn up the tunes and have quite the high-energy event. Don’t be discouraged if it rains on your parade, because you are guaranteed a good time at Refinery Rooftop.

Refinery Rooftop

Refinery Rooftop – Website
63 West 38th Street, NY, NY

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