With his grandma’s secret spice blend in hand, Miguel has opened a new spud spot in Murray Hill. Burlap Sack is doing a new kind of fast casual with loaded potatoes any way you like them! With 6 different potato styles to pick from, 3 (soon to be 4) protein options, 4 cheeses, 9 different veggies and 8 sauces, the choices are endless!

Burlap Sack

The idea for the Burlap Sack

Miguel created the menu for Burlap Sack with the idea of quality is king. He said that he wanted to have only a few things at the eatery but have them done very well. Miguel says he learned that lesson from his Grandmother, she would only cook seven different dishes but they were all spectacular. Jared Ringel and his partner had two requests for their partner, Miguel, when he was designing the menu for Burlap Sack, they wanted to include a family favorite marinara sauce and also have him recreate a specific buffalo sauce from a memory of Philly. While the first had a recipe, Miguel says that he had to try making 52 different buffalo sauces before he finally got it right, it was no easy task.

Burlap Sack

You might think trying out 52 sauces is excessive but Miguel puts that same research and attention into each item on the Burlap Sack menu. Burlap Sack sources their chicken from FreeBird Chicken, a chicken farm in PA raising the birds free-range and without antibiotics. Miguel took a visit to the farm for himself, there he learned that FreeBird uses a process of water chilling the chicken rather than air chilling, this ensures moist chicken no matter what!

No GMO Spuds at the Burlap Sack

As for the spuds themselves, the real star of Burlap Sack, they are all non-GMO, never frozen, hand cut and hand peeled. Burlap Sack is an eatery in which doing things the right way matters. They pickle their own jalapeños and all of their own sauces are made in house expect the ketchup, which comes from Sir Kensington’s in Brooklyn. He is sourcing as local as possible and absolutely everything is domestic.

Burlap Sack

“The food should hug people,” this lesson from Miguel’s Grandma, stuck with him, he aims for the cuisine to embrace you with warmth and comfort. I’ll take a warm hug from a baked potato or cheese fries any day, so I guess you’re bound to find me at Burlap Sack.

Burlap Sack

For more information on the Burlap Sack check out their website.

Burlap Sack Potato Eatery
507 Third Avenue (201 East 34th St)
New York, NY  10016

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