Brooklyn Heights is home to many great, inexpensive bars and taverns, however, Buschenschank on the corner of Court and Sackett stands apart. The Northern Italian and German style farmhouse tavern boasts a pretty decent Happy Hour: Monday through Friday (3-7pm), $5 half-liter beers, $12 carafe of house red or white wine, and half-off all pizzas.

The Beer

A decent selection of European, Domestic, and Brooklyn-brewed craft beers. There is something for everyone. My friend only drinks IPA’s when he can while I prefer summer ales and we both had a few options to choose from. A few of the labels: Brooklyn Weisse, Radeberger Pilsner, and Moretti La Rossa. Buschenschank provides helpful and appealing descriptions for those unfamiliar with the bands.

The Wine

I did not have any wine because I believe that pizza and beer are a sacred union, but I did see other tables with respectably ample carafes. The menu say’s “house wine” which is ambiguous, and could be a hit or miss

The Pizza

The artisan pizza is delicious and fresh! It’s authentic Italian but hails from South Brooklyn, just like many of the residents of this area. The pizza is about 12 inches and can either be shared or eaten solo. The crust is thin but has enough substance to be both crunchy and soft. The specialty pizzas (between $12 and $16, remember this is halved during Happy Hour) are accessible to most diners and I have featured a few below.

Di Verde- spinach, tomatoes, goat cheese, red onion, presto, grana, fontina, basil

Pig & Cow- soppressata, bacon, speck, sausage, fontina, grana, basil

The Adige- white pizza, mushrooms, arugula, goat cheese

I had the Margherita, which is a classic and I was pleasantly surprised by the perfect proportion between sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil.


The Brunch

Buschenschank has a pretty expansive brunch menu of German, Italian, and American favorites. The crown jewel, however, is the customizable Bloody Marys, with garnishes like bacon, cherry peppers, feta-stuffed olives, pickles, and more!

The Small Plates & Dinner

Western European bar food to satisfy any craving: fresh pretzels with homemade bier cheese, beef sliders, and truffle fries. Dinner is a flexible menu and with dishes within the same Western European vein, although I’d say that the Happy Hour is the MVP.

Buschenschank’s dining atmosphere is strikingly European-esque. It’s dim lighting, fireplace, and wood paneling give it an underground vibe; although the large windows, open on nice days, allow some sunlight and a breeze to permeate the room. The restaurant is quite large and is not unaccustomed to large parties.

My takeaways of Buschenschank? 

Buschenschank has become an automatic favorite. See the website for a full menu but come and check it out for yourself! I’ll probably be there.

Buschenschank – Website
320 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY

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