Breads Bakery in Union Square

Though this city is filled with bakeries and pastry shops on almost all corners, you can never be sure how fresh that muffin is or how long that croissant has been sitting there. Even local places that started out small and originally baked everything on its premises, have almost all expanded and out grown themselves, and now source from outside the city, leaving you with a less than fresh experience.

Well, Gadi Peleg can promise you this much at Bread’s Bakery in Union Square: Fresh is the minimum guarantee.  Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with him to discuss all things Breads.

For a while, food was just a hobby for Gadi Peleg, and nothing more. He never considered making a career out of his passion and instead focused his studies on engineering and business. It wasn’t until he stepped foot into Uri Scheft’s bakery in Tel Aviv that he seriously considered making his love for food something more. Let’s just say Gadi was blown away by what Uri was doing. It wasn’t merely his incredible baked goods-from crisp loaves of rye and sourdough to sweeter treats like rugelach and cheese sticks- that drew him in. The experience itself was so unique and Gadi realized what was missing in New York. The Israeli-born and New York-raised Peleg missed that experience of knowing no matter what time of day you walked into a bakery, you had no doubt that the pastry of your choice had been baked that day, maybe even within that hour. He decided it was his job to bring this unique methodology back to New York to offer the same experience. And after much hard work and patience, a simple passion for food was turned into a widely successful career for Gadi.

breads bakery in union squarebreads bakery in union square

Breads Bakery in Union Square, is working hard every single day to ensure you the highest quality experience. Even as I sat with Gadi, it was nearly impossible to not turn my head every so often as the smell of freshly baked bread stroll past us. And this was exactly Gadi’s vision. Gadi explained that as important as the customer is, the production process is really the focus, which ironically makes Breads’ the ultimate customer experience. The open kitchen allows the consumer to see the magic happening and leaves no mystery to the process.

When asked about the future of Breads Bakery in Union Square, Gadi answered it vaguely, but confidently, “The future may be unknown, but what I do know is that we bake the freshest bread and stick to our principles. And no matter what we do, we will stick to our principles and bring people the freshest bread.” Another favorite motto he has is that his daughter eats this food everyday; therefore he has to make sure it’s the best.

I sampled a wide variety of goods, savory and sweet. From mini quiches and mini sandwiches, to rugelah, and my first ever Canelé. My expectations were high and even my highest expectations were met. So do me a favor and treat yourself today, tomorrow…really whenever you’re looking for the freshest, most delectable bakery experience in New York, get yourself to Breads Bakery in Union Square please.

Check out this awesome behind the scenes video of the making of the Chocolate Babka – Breads Bakery in Union Square



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