I’m pretty sure every day is a different national food holiday but when there’s a whole month dedicated to ice cream, who can complain? July is officially national ice cream month, and what better way to celebrate than hitting up places for the best ice cream in NYC.

Best Ice Cream in NYC

Emack and Bolio’s

This ice cream shop has been around for a while but started to blow up last summer.  Many people are saying that they have the best ice cream in NYC.   They have a wide variety of flavors as well as “outrageous cones”. Honestly, who can resist a cone smothered in marshmallows and Oreos, because I cant that’s for sure.

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389 Amsterdam Avenue, NY, NY 1564 1st Avenue, NY, NY

Ralph’s Famous Italian Ices

As a native from Long Island, I’ll always have a soft spot for Ralph’s. They have long lists of water and cream ices but my go to is one scoop of rainbow cookie and one scoop of java chip. They also have the “Twister” which is a cup of ices between two layers of soft serve ice cream (similar to the gelati, for any Rita’s fans out there).

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144 East 24th Street, NY, NY

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop

When I was first told about this place, and stalked their Instagram I thought it was basically a standard soft serve ice cream place. Don’t get me wrong I love chocolate ice cream as much as the next girl but I just wasn’t that anxious to go. When I walked inside I saw all of the options on the menu and my view immediatly shifted. Each combination is so well thought out and all of the ingredients go together perfectly.  I got the Rocky Road, but next time I’ll be sure to try the Nutella stuffed cone and probably half of the other items on the menu.  According to my Instagram feed, Big Gay Ice Cream Shop has the best ice cream in NYC!

125 East 7th St, NY, NY 61 Grove Street, NY, NY

Mr. Softee

When you’re walking home and just need a quick soft serve cone to cool down, he’s your man.

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With hundreds of ice cream places in NYC, I’m sure it won’t be hard to find a place to get this refreshing treat, but this list of places for the best ice cream in NYC should narrow down the search just a tad.

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