No matter what bar you stumble out of in this city, or the next, there is a feeling of hunger that everyone can relate to. Not quite the hunger you get on a sober belly though. All the dieting and paleo nonsense goes out the window when you have a couple more drinks than prescribed. I am referring to the hunger that builds up inside you like a volcano. Also known as drunchies, it can be a dangerous path to step in front of. Greasy, fried, delicious, no plate necessary food is what gets the thinned out alcohol infused blood pumpin and I know just the place!

The Burger Joint at the Parker Meridian

No need for sport coats and bow ties though because we are rolling past that white glove martini serving bar and heading straight for the gold. Tucked away behind a rather enormous curtain is the Burger Joint. Depending on your timing will determine your fate of just beating the rush or being the rush. Either way be patient and make sure you know what and how to order what you want or it’s back of the line for you!

I order mine with the works, a side of fries and a Sam Adams draft if I’m feeling sleepy (they don’t serve Jameson). With quick feet and a good eye you can usually snag a seat for one or two within a few minutes. This place maybe seats 20 legally so you gotta be on your game. A shitty dive exterior would surprise you with a proffessional white coat behind the grill. Everything is fresh so it usually takes 5-10 minutes for the order. At under 15$**** this is a steal.

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Juicy fresh and perfectly cooked burgers and fries is what has me coming back to this place time and time again. It is always surprising to me to hear that so many New Yorkers have never heard of the Burger Joint when I bring it up. I would confidently say that The Burger Joint is one of NYC’s best kept secrets. I must tell you one more thing though. The lobby bar, that to some can seem pretentious and un-wanting of a crowd, has the best fried olives ever.  At the Lobby Bar I was served my Jameson and fried olives in a Rangers jersey and jeans late at night so not to worry about your attire.

Burger Joint at the Parker Meridian – Website
119 West 56th Street, NY, NY

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