When you’re dying to go on vacation to Mexico, but you’re living paycheck to paycheck stop in to Baby Bo’s Cantina. Surprisingly located in the heart of Murray Hill; Baby Bo’s transports you to a low key Mexican spot with good vibes and good people.

Crowded almost every night of the week, the staff there is speedy but still very accommodating. Refilling our chips and salsa as soon as the basket got low (so every five seconds) I’m surprised that I wasn’t stuffed by the time our meal got on the table.

The move is to start with guac and margs; but if you’re at a Mexican restaurant you definitely know that already. And if you want to get creative, mix some of the Pico de Gallo with the guac to give it a nice little kick.

As far as entrees go; I sort of feel like all Mexican food is the same just in different forms. I’d go with their El Dorado burrito and if you want to be healthy they’re more than willing to accommodate. They offer black beans (instead of refried), brown rice (instead of Spanish rice) and they’ll drop the tortilla for you or give you a whole wheat option.

I’m a leave it as is kind of girl, the chef clearly put it together like that for a reason. But my friend who’s on a health kick loved her “burrito” made healthy too. So if you want to cut calories it is definitely an option at Baby Bo’s. And for all the vegetarians out there, there are definitely plenty of options to choose from, not just the standard cheese quesadilla.

The portions are definitely generous too so you can prob split with your friend or if you’re selfish like me take half home and have it for lunch the next day (or an hour later when you decide you’re hungry again).

Baby Bo’s Cantina is definitely a great spot for when need a break from “the scene” but you find yourself in Murray Hill. Just kick back, have a margarita and keep funneling chips.

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