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Trattoria Zero Otto Nove – Sister Restaurant to the famous Roberto’s on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx. The space at Zero Otto, 15 West 21st Street, is cavernous and is fantastic for a group. The prices also make bringing a group of people manageable because you don’t feel like you have to sell a kidney to pay for the meal. Their pizza’s are always worth a table share and their eggplant/zucchini Parmesan is my consistent go to. Love the Malfaldi con Salcicha along with the Radiatori in Cartoccio. Their meat is always fresh and nicely prepared and someone needs to convince them to keep the meatballs on the menu 24/7/365. The meatballs were a special during the summer and they were off the hook! And on the Tito’s ranking they score a perfect 10 for having Tito’s behind the bar! Bravo! Neighborhood Gem


.Zero Otto


For More information on Zero Otto Nove check out their website here

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