Flat Iron Hall – It has taken me a while to like this place.  The first time I went to Flat Iron Hall was with a large group of people.  We were in the basement, which has it’s own bar, and long family style tables.  Service was a bit haphazard and the room got crowded fast.  Living in an apartment building is one thing, being cramped in a basement with 200 of my closest friends is another.  Alcohol is one sure remedy for claustrophobia.   Thank goodness that the food was good.  Tater Tots (need i say more?), Tuna Tacos were De-Freakin-Licious, and my buddies enjoyed the giant NY Style Pretzel that comes out hanging on a stand.

It was the first visit that made me want to go back and sit on the main floor where there is at least a small hint of sunlight.  The service was awful.  No, it was worse than awful.  We were the only people in the place for lunch…if you don’t have any interest in serving lunch then you shouldn’t open for lunch!  Getting someone to take our order was excruciating and forget about actually getting served what we ordered.  The food was still good but the experience made me rethink ever wanting to come back.

There was a long pause before going back but finally decided to give it one more shot and I brought a small group of people for lunch recently.  So pleasantly surprised!  They hired some staff who were attentive, engaging, and friendly!  The food came out at a great pace and the food was even better than it had been.  Their Tuna Tacos still standout.  The tuna is fresh and the sauce compliments it perfectly. I am still in love with Tater Tots and I can’t say I have ever met a tot that didn’t bring me some joy…but these tots are delicious.  Bacon, Aged Cheddar & Chives…oh my.  Burgers were right on and the other folks we were with said the veggie burgers were great.  On the Tito’s Ranking they get a 6 – They do have Tito’s behind the bar but clearly they don’t know how to pour it in denominations that don’t involve doing jello shots at the bar.  Don’t charge me for a bowl full of Tito’s when you are only going to give me a mouthful.  A bit too stingy on the Tito’s and Eat Up New York is an unhappy gang!

The feel of the place is old school even though I am sure it was built on a boat load of brand new money.  Cool art on the walls – place is pretty dark but comfortable.  Gets unbelievably crowded on Thursday and Friday nights after work.  Standing room only.  It’s all about the beer and they have many house beers on tap – People definitely go for the beer.  They have defiantly trimmed the menu down quite a bit from where they started which is ok with us as long as they keep the quality up there.





38 West 26th, New York, NY

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