The Derby Lower East Side – Bourbon & Biscuits

After my friend moved into her new apartment on the lower east side, last Friday, we decided to celebrate by discovering some new places to eat by her new abode. The plan was set, TACOS! However, after the apartment tour and a glass of wine later it was 8:30. We ventured out in to the rain armed with little but light jackets and beanies. When we arrived to the destined location, 1 hour wait, no room at the bar. It didn’t look good. With stomachs grumbling we trenched back down the street scanning menus posted in windows. Finally our waterlogged group of 5 found our oasis, or rather at least a dry reasonably priced restaurant. The Derby lower east side is a southern themed restaurant and bar on Orchard street, and it was the perfect spot for a Friday night dinner with friends. There was no wait and our waitress was very attentive and helpful. Derby’s motto is “Bourbon and Biscuits”, although biscuits are not my thing, I can definitely roll with a whiskey bar. The whiskey menu is longer than their food menu, yet not an overwhelming binder of liquor as I’ve seen at some other whiskey places. I ordered a perfect Manhattan with the Hudson baby bourbon. One of my all time favorite drinks and it did not disappoint.

Bourbon Down now Onto the Food

After much debate and back and fourth I ordered the blackened catfish sandwich, served with thinly sliced fried green tomatoes, spicy Cajun slaw and French fries. Blackened is one preparation of fish that tugs at my heartstrings because it reminds me of summers in Florida with my family, and there is nothing like that smoky spicy flavor on a fish sandwich. The sandwich was amazing and messy and wonderful. I added the green tomatoes onto the sandwich, because why not. I couldn’t even put the thing back down on my plate it was so good. Three of my friends ordered salads which, even as someone who is very against salads for dinner, looked pretty good…. If that’s your thing. Another friend ordered the fried chicken, which came with fried okra and  high praise from the waitress. I managed to snag a bite of the chicken and it was juicy and well seasoned with a crispy skin. I’m thinking that next time I go back, to the Derby Lower East Side, the fried chicken and waffles will be calling my name.

The Derby Lower East Side

Fried Chicken with Fried Okra Photo Credit to The Derby lower east side

I would have loved to have spent the night at their bar. The whole space had a very lively atmosphere without being over crowded. And after all, I’m the kind of gal who is more excited about late night grub than going to a club. The area is prime for young 20-somethings looking to go out with their recent college grad friends. This restaurant is also the perfect place to carb up before a long night of drinking or just to have a nice dinner with some good friends, and that is what I did.

The Derby lower east side is located at 167 Orchard St. New York, New York 10002. For More info here is the link to The Derby or call them at

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