At Eat Up New York, we’re all about keeping it local, especially when it comes to food. The relationship between an average city dweller and the farmer behind their food is basically non-existent. Think about what you just ate, do you know the story behind any of it? From what farm did that tomato come from? Or that piece of bread? Ideally we’d know the farmer who has spent time harvesting this produce, but in an urban environment that’s far from realistic. A weekly visit to the Farmer’s market may not be possible for everyone, so what’s the alternative? Quinciple.

A favorite for farmer’s market lovers, Quinciple delivers you a selection of curated foods from primarily local, small-batch producers. Think CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), but with multiple farms. Your box will include a selection of seasonal veggies, some fruit, herbs, a dairy (cheese,yogurt), a grain, and usually a pasture-raised animal protein. It will probably not be all you need for a week’s worth of food, but it will comprise the bulk of a few meals.

No Surprises with Quinciple

With Quinciple, you’ll never have to questions where your food comes from. Each box comes with pamphlets featuring information on each ingredient, including its source of origin, storage tips and helpful hints about how to prepare it. Additionally, you’ll receive recipe cards that feature simple recipes that can be prepared using multiple ingredients in the box and not much else! These recipe cards help you see how many delicious variations can be made from the ingredients in your box. The website lists the contents of the box each week, so there are no surprises, and you can request that orders be withheld for weeks in which you don’t want them, for whatever reason.

Quinciple is a great idea for yourself, but it’s also an amazing birthday gift idea! I would know, because my friend gave me a Quinciple gift card good for one box. I was able to choose which week I wanted to receive my box (I anxiously waited for summer tomatoes to pop up on the website) and my box arrived Monday night. My box came with cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, 1 head of cabbage, 1 bag of multi-color string beans, basil, 2 limes, 4 peaches, 1 block womanchengo cheese, 2 loaves of ciabatta, and wild salmon. I was shocked with how much came! It was able to make a few lunches for the week and some solid dinners.

One night this week, I recruited Eat Up New York’s Sustainable Eater, Meredith, to join me in the kitchen and figure out how to create a meal with the items in my box. We chose to use the salmon, string beans, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and some bread.


Using the cabbage, we made a slaw based off one of the recipes included in the box. Meredith cooked the salmon by making a foil pack with all the veggies and added a bit of pesto and a squeeze of lemon on top. And for the bread, we rubbed garlic, tomatoes and added a bit of parsley on top and toasted it up to perfection.

Quinciple Quinciple Quinciple

Everything was so delicious and there really is nothing that compares to fresh and seasonal produce. The difference in taste between a local summer tomato and a store bought is incomparable!

Join Quinciple today for a food delivery service that will awaken your palate, excite your culinary instincts, and fill your belly with some of the best ingredients available in America. It’s kind of like having a personal grocery shopper with the highest standards imaginable who forages for the best stuff anywhere, and brings the best straight to your door on a bike! What more could you ask for?

Cost? Home delivery of Healthy Food: $49.90 per box/week.

Pickup locations and company accounts: $42.90 per box/week.

For more information on Quinciple check out their website.

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