Shake Shack breakfast is real

I’ve been hoping to try the Shake Shack breakfast options since they first appeared at JFK.  I was trying to justify taking a cab to the airport just to have breakfast.  Even looked into planning a trip somewhere, or anywhere, just to get to JFK for the Shake Shack breakfast.   When I heard that Grand Central Station would be starting to serve breakfast, I immediately changed my schedule for the next day to make it happen.

As I walked down into the lower level of Grand Central, at 9:30 am this morning, I prepared myself to have to wait in a very long line. Surprisingly, no line at all. None. There was a person standing at the front who asked if I would like to see their new breakfast menu, but no, I was prepared and already knew what I wanted. Sausage, egg and cheese please. Shake Shack boasts that their bacon and sausage is all-natural and that their eggs come from Niman Ranch where their hens are cage free. Honestly, I find it a little odd that they are sourcing their eggs all the way from a ranch in California and there isn’t even a Shake Shack in the state, but I digress. The eggs are prepared on their griddle and that is absolutely a selling point for me as microwaved eggs might be my archenemy. The sandwich is made with American cheese.  You could say that American cheese is one of those things people love or hate and I do love it! Let’s get to the good stuff though, their sausage patty rocked. The sausage is definitely maple flavored and also has a little bit of heat to it.  When I go back, for my next Shake Shack Breakfast, I’ll be bringing some hot sauce to add, but that’s just me. The obviously hand shaped and griddled sausage makes the sandwich look like you could be eating a shack burger.   They do not skimp on the meat. They use the same potato buns for their breakfast, which adds a sweetness to the sandwich that you don’t normally get with a standard egg sandwich. Overall the ratio of the ingredients is what really made this the perfect breakfast sandwich for me.  Not too heavy on the bread but enough food to keep me full until lunchtime.

Shake Shack, in Grand Central, will be serving breakfast from 7 am-10:30 am on weekdays only.

Shake Shack Breakfast

Shake Shack Breakfast Sandwich with Sausage Egg & Cheese

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