Two summers ago a friend and I bought a groupon for tickets to The Seed: A Vegan Experience. While neither my roommate nor I had adopted the vegan lifestyle at the time, The Seed offered us the chance to further explore our interest in the vegan world, without feeling out of place or pressured. The event ran for two days, but we needed no more than a few hours to explore and please our palates completely. The venue, which brought in over 3,500 attendees, hosted a variety of vegan-inspired activities, ranging from cooking demonstrations, films, and presentations by prominent vegan advocates. Even a free session of yoga was offered. We both agreed that our favorite part of the event was taste testing, and we greatly appreciated how nice and welcoming everyone was and all that was offered.

Fast forward two years and The Seed is now a bi annual event, attracting Vegans and non-Vegans from all over the world. They’ve even had to move a to a larger venue to accommodate the growing number or attendees.

The Seed Market Pops Up

And now they have also begun hosting monthly pop-up markets, which debuted Saturday, January 24th, at the Altman building in Chelsea. The Seed: MARKET, will host local vendors with plant-based and cruelty-free food, products and services sampling, selling and showcasing. In addition, renowned doctors, nutritionists and inspirational professional athletes will be sharing their expertise.

Their vision for The Seed : MARKET is to create a place that brings together the best local plant-based and cruelty-free businesses. Today there are so many new and amazing products and services on the market that people just don’t know about. Especially so many offered right here in NYC! The plant-based lifestyle is one of the fastest growing movements today in the U.S. The number of vegans has doubled since 2009, now over 8 million, and overall 33% of Americans are eating more plant-based meals. That’s over 100 million people, and NYC is one of the key cities of this movement.

Admission is free to this indoor market. You’ll be able to discover, taste, shop and learn more about the plant-based movement. Furthermore every month a different charity partner will also be featured.

The Seed  The Seed  The Seed

I went to The Seed Market event in January and had a wonderful time trying new products, talking to local vendors, and just seeing all the great plant-based work being done in the city. Even one of my favorites, This Pie Is Nuts, was there and it was awesome to see how much success she continues to have!

Here are some of the vendors that were there in January.

The Seed

For more information and to see a full list of vendors, please visit their site.

The Seed next Market is February 28th, 11-6pm, at the Altman building.

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