It’s always fun to try out a new restaurant, especially in the food capital that is New York City. You get introduced to a new owner or chef, or maybe reacquainted with one you stalked followed from another location. You become immersed in a fresh ambiance. And best of all, you get to try new flavor combinations, inspired by the passion of starting a new venture.

Lucky for you, a bunch of new restaurants are coming to the city in the coming weeks of 2015. You’ll see a lot of French food on the menus, with some other cuisines mixed in. Our goal with this list is to whet your appetite in anticipation of the tantalizing tastes your tongue will soon get to savor. Here’s the inside scoop so you can be the first ones in line (after us, of course!):

The Ribbon on the Upper West Side

From the Blue Ribbon brand, you should see new restaurant The Ribbon popping up in late February with an industrial setting and a private dining room. This restaurant is brought to you by Eric and Bruce Bromberg from Blue Ribbon and Ken Sturm of Iridium and Campeon. Expect a casual French restaurant with a raw bar, a rotisserie for tender, succulent meat, and we’ll see what else.

Lupulo in Chelsea

Chef George Mendes, who comes from the Mediterranean restaurant Aldea, is opening this new restaurant, expected in March. The focus of Lupolo is on Portuguese food, a rustic atmosphere and craft beer. Mendes named this restaurant using the Portuguese word for hops and the idea for the style comes from beer halls in Lisbon. The restaurant will help you choose the right beer to go with your fire-roasted meal. If you don’t feel like eating inside or can’t get a table, you’ll be able to order a meal to go from the takeout window.

Chevalier in Midtown

Charles Masson, who was the maitre d’ of La Grenouille, along with Shea Gallante, the previous chef of Ciano, are starting Chevalier in February or March. Expect a youthful and modern French flair from this restaurant that you’ll find within the Baccarat Hotel. This pair plans to update classic French dishes — they’re adding a meatless version of bouillabaisse to the menu for the vegetarians out there — but they’ve also left some dishes alone, since you shouldn’t always mess with a classic. In the back of the restaurant, you’ll find a tasting menu.

Bruno Pizza in the East Village

In February, this Neapolitan pizzeria will spring up with pies and other Italian fare made with locally-sourced ingredients. Chefs Dave Gulino and Justin Slojkowski plan to mill their own flour for their dough. You’ll be able to order the basics at the start; after that, look for a tasting menu that’s expected some time in the future, similar to what these chefs did at the Box Kite coffee shop.  Bruno Pizza

A Gabriel Kruether Creation in Midtown

If you were upset that Gabriel Kreuther left his post as the executive chef of The Modern, you’ll be happy to hear that he’s opening his own restaurant this year in the Grace Building. It will serve French-American fare, leaning on his Alsace background. Look for this opening between the end of February and the beginning of March. Along with the menu, we’ll have to wait to find out the name.

Now you know some of the new city restaurants to watch for in the coming weeks. Say hi if you see us at the openings! And once you try these restaurants, be sure to leave a comment to let us know what you think of the food.  If you hear of any NYC Restaurant Openings or Happenings that you want us to know about…then let us know.

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