As I marched into the main hall along with the others attendees of the Fancy Food Show, at the Jacob Javits Center, it was difficult not to revel in the familiar, faint scent of freshly made French crepes that wafted through the vaulted ceilings of the convention center. There I was greeted with several floors of specialty food companies gathering together to promote their latest and greatest products.

Shark at Fancy Food Show

Trying to take in all the culinary innovations and snacking splendor, the enormity of it all seemed like a majestic ocean full of nosh.  Looking to my left, as went up the escalator into the culinary abyss, I caught a glimpse of NBC’s Shark Tank veteran Barbara Corcoran chumming around some of the world’s top innovators in specialty packaged food; who were all undoubtedly looking for a “fins-up” endorsement from the TV star. As I paddled my way through the procession of brightly colored booths, filled with edible eye-candy from all over the globe, I was determined to find the world’s best of the best all under one roof.  Here are my top 10 picks from the Fancy Food Show:

Edible Aloe. Pretty much obsessed. I was approached to try this product. They said, “This will be the most interesting thing you try all day.” And they were right. Now, I’ve enjoyed an aloe drink before, but this was my first time trying actual aloe pieces. Alor serves the aloe in an aloe drink or in syrup. And both are quite refreshing. The taste? Aloe is similar to a lychee, but not as sweet. From aiding in digestion to alkalizing the body, the health benefits to consuming aloe seem endless. I’ve been experimenting with Alor aloe all week. I found that it’s great added to smoothies or even cocktails. For more information visit this Fancy Food Show vendor site: Vink & Beri, LLC

Sriracha has met its match? cHarissa is an authentic Moroccan seasoning that is flavored with cumin seeds, cayenne and Spanish paprika. This seasoning is unlike any spice that I’ve tried. I’ve been told Claudia Fleming, pastry chef at North Fork Table Inn uses cHarissa in a chocolate caramel tart dessert. And she’s not the only chef flavoring food with cHarissa. Other restaurants in New York City that use the seasoning include Blue Ribbon Bakery, Bareburger and the executive chef at Yankee Stadium, Matt Gibson uses cHarissa in their spiced lamb sliders. For more information on this Fancy Food Show vendor check out their website : cHarissa 

Fancy Food Show

Black Walnuts. One thing is certain, after you have tried a black walnut, it will be hard to go back to eating regular walnuts. Why? The taste of the black walnut is much stronger than a typical walnut. Hammonds Black Walnuts is the world’s premier processor and supplier of American Black Walnuts since 1946. You can order online or for more information on where to buy them visit the Hammons Products Company Website.

Raw maple sugar cube. Tonewood Maple is reinventing maple beyond syrup. The cube comes in two flavors, a buttery maple or an intense maple flavor. Whatever your preference the sweet maple cube can be grated and sprinkled on top of oatmeal, ice cream, pancakes and pretty much anything. To find out more information on this Fancy Food Show Vendor check out their website: Tonewood

Fancy Food Show

Spreadable Bacon? Where has this been my whole life? The Bacon Jams has a tasty bacon spread that comes in 3 flavors: original, black pepper and red chile & garlic. Now you can add bacon to literally everything and anything! My favorite: red chile & garlic. The Bacon Jams are sold in specialty foods stores around the country.  To find one near you, just click on the link. 

Fancy Food Show

Instant Butter Coffee. We’ve heard of the latest trend in coffee and benefits of adding butter to your coffee. But, have you actually tried it? Not to worry, Coffee Blocks has perfected just that – instant coffee butter. It comes in frozen pods and you just have to add water. For more information on this Fancy Foody Show Vendor or to buy some Instant Butter Coffee, check out their website.

Hemp Seeds. Just Hemp Foods recently launched their toasted salted hemp seeds and they are delicious! The flavor literally explodes in your mouth. The tiny seeds are similar to the taste of sunflower seeds, but even more flavorful. I can’t wait to try these sprinkled on top of my next salad. For more information on this Fancy Food Show Vendor check out their website.

Tea-rrific Ice Cream. Where to begin? I’m a lover of tea and a lover of ice cream, so naturally this is the product I can enjoy. This is a new ice cream sensation that is one trend to watch out for – natural tea-infused ice creams. You won’t find any ordinary flavors like vanilla or chocolate here. Instead tea-riffic comes in Chamomile, London Mist, Ginger Matcha, Lavender Blueberry and my personal favorite: Masala Chai. You can order online or find a store near you – Website.

Fancy Food Show

Crio Brü. A coffee made from cocoa beans? That’s exactly what Crio Brü is brewing.  It’s made from 100% cacao beans (also known as cocoa beans) and roasted to perfection. Crio Brü is as healthy for you as it is delicious. It’s the ultimate superfood, rich in antioxidants and minerals. Plus the grounds can be added to your favorite recipes from a rub for beef tenderloin to cupcakes. Crio Brü can be found at health specialty stores around NYC. For a complete list and for other locations or you can order it online here:

Mushroom Farming. When two students from UC Berkeley learned that recycled coffee grounds could produce gourmet mushrooms they set out to develop ready to grow mushroom kits along with other garden-in-a-can kits. The ready to grow mushroom kits, made from recycled materials grow oyster mushrooms in just 10 days. Back to the Roots believes food is personal. They want to undo food and reconnect families to it through fun and sustainable “ready to grow” and “ready to eat” food, which can be found in Target stores nationwide. Though not a novel idea, they are trying to change the way we think and prepare food, creating user-friendly kits for all ages. To order your kit from this Fancy Food Show Vendor visit their website: Back to The Roots 

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