I recently tried Pazzi Pasta over in Brooklyn and was blown away. This pasta was some of the best and freshest pasta I’ve ever eaten, plus I felt good eating it since it’s made from the highest quality whole grains. I left Pazzi Pasta feeling guilt free even after indulging in bowls of pasta. I couldn’t believe it. I just had to find out the full story behind this pasta. Here’s my interview with Dr. Giovanni Campanile, one of the many family members responsible for this incredible pasta.

What’s your family’s story behind the pasta?

Our family’s heritage in Southern Italy dates back hundreds of years. My mother (Nonna) was an esteemed chef in a city in Sicily known for its quality food. Pasta in southern Italy is simply an excuse to introduce quality whole grains into the diet. We have a long history of pasta-making and have perfected the ability to create pasta that has perfect texture and taste. Our family’s traditions have always revolved around the creation and enjoyment of pasta. Making and eating pasta has united many generations of families and at Pazzi Pasta we strive to have our customers share this experience, since for us pasta is nutrition, comfort and love.

Describe Pazzi Pasta in three words.

Delicious, Healthy, Quick.

Pazzi Pasta

Obviously New Yorkers love their Italian food, but why should they eat at Pazzi Pasta? What makes it unique?

Pazzi Pasta is a quick service restaurant that combines the traditions of Southern Italian pasta-making with the modern knowledge of the nutritional benefits of a variety of interesting and delicious grains. Pazzi Pasta is a new and unique concept that allows customers to create their own dishes choosing from freshly hand-made pasta grain selections and combining it with our slow-cooked sauces and toppings. Pazzi offers New Yorkers the ability to taste the highest quality grain dishes at a quick service pace and at an affordable price.

What made you want to run Pazzi Pasta like a fast-casual restaurant?

Most families today have very little time to prepare tasty and healthful meals. Our goal was to create a concept that maintains the integrity of slow-cooked foods, utilizing the best ingredients and at the same time offer quick service.

We consider Pazzi Pasta more fast-gourmet than fast-casual. Fast-casual establishments can fall either on the fast food side of the equation or more towards the gourmet full service restaurant side. At Pazzi Pasta we aim to be more on the gourmet side, offering the quality of a full service restaurant while at the same time being casual, expedient and affordable.

What is it like to run a family business? Challenges? Rewards?

Running a family business is both challenging and rewarding. The rewards are self-evident in that we get to spend time together creating foods that we all love. The challenges are that we spend a lot of time together and all have strong opinions on how the business should be run. However, after all the screaming and tantrums, we always manage to hug and kiss – usually after having had a pasta meal together.

If you had to do it all over again, would you have changed anything?

As we have traveled through this journey of creating Pazzi Pasta we have tried to learn and adapt. We have learned how to be flexible and accommodate guests’ requests with the aim of creating the best experience for our customers. We have, however, stayed true to the quality of our food.

How do you feel the restaurant industry in New York has changed over the years?

The restaurant industry has changed significantly over the years. At Pazzi Pasta we feel that we are pioneers in a new concept of dining. We believe that in the near future, high quality, quick service restaurants such as Pazzi Pasta will grow and thrive. Our customers very much appreciate the casual atmosphere of being able to dine with us at any time without reservations.

Number one piece of advice you’d give to New York readers who are trying to live healthier lives?

The best advice I can give to New Yorkers is to eat nutrient-dense foods, move more, stress less, and to love more. At Pazzi Pasta we feel that taste is the first rule of good nutrition. We are passionate about the health benefits of whole grains that are naturally high in protein, fiber, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. We frequently talk about “Blue Zones” in the world where people live long and well, and whose diets are mostly plant-based and composed of up to 70% whole grains.

What’s next for Pazzi Pasta? Any upcoming events this summer to look forward to?

Pazzi Pasta is available around New York via goodeggs.com, where our fresh ravioli, pasta, and lasagna can be delivered daily throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.
We are participating in the Smith Street Fair which features over 200 local vendors, artisans and neighborhood restaurants. We also participate in a variety of Edible Brooklyn events held throughout the year – so stay tuned for what’s next!

In addition, Sandra hosts cooking classes a couple times a month, each class teaches a new technique whether it be Gnocchi, Ravioli, Lasagna making, and more. They each include hands-on tutorial, lunch with wine, and pasta to-go for home cooks to share with their family and friends

Pazzi Pasta – website
227 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY

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