I had the special treat (literally) of attending the Dessert-A-Palooza at the Baked Tribeca location. The event took place at Baked’s first Manhattan outpost in Tribecca, which opened just about a month ago. Its quaint space was filled with foodies and dessert fanantics alike, eager to meet the geniuses behind the popular and even some award-winning cookbooks, such as the very well-known Dorie Greenspan, author of Baking Chez Moi, and Allison Kave, of Butter and Scotch, and author of First Prize Pies.

Baked Tribeca Location

You Can’t Judge a Cookie by its Cutter
by Patti Paige

Baked Tribeca Location Tri Color Cookie Bars

Tri-Color Cookie Bars
from Baked













Each featured author had a personal station set up for book signing and an array of samples for guests. Dorrie Greenspan had samples of her beloved Palets des Dames and Lemoncello cupcakes. Allison Kave had very generous samples of her S’mores and Bourbon Ginger Pecan Pie. Others included Ovenly’s famous Vegan Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie, Ample Hills’ Drunken Thanksgiving and Egg Nog Ice Cream. And Patti Paige, author of You Can’t Judge a Cookie by Its Cutter, had an assortment of holiday shaped cookies and icings, allowing guests to make their own design.  My co-worker and I obviously went back and fourth, from station to station, dabbling bits and bites from each.  I think we covered every inch of the Baked Tribeca Location during the Dessert-A-Palooza Event.

Baked Tribeca Location - Ovenly Authors

Ovenly Authors
Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin

Baked Tribeca Location

Ample Hills Creamery
Eggnog Ice Cream













And as fun as it was to sample all this deliciousness, what I truly enjoyed most was getting to talk to the brains behind these fabulous desserts and hear them talk about their passion. Now, I am pretty confident in my cooking skills and like to think that I’m growing into a pretty good chef, but when it comes to baking, I am a total fail. Therefore, I immediately idolized every single of these talented authors and give them my upmost respect for their work. I’ve spent much time following a cookie recipe, only to find that when the timer finally buzzes, I am saddened to see a tray of flat cookies or a cake that simply did not rise. But everyone I talked to gave me hope that with practice and determination, I too could be a baker! Everything in life, even baking, takes time and patience. Maybe my 2015 goal will be to become a solid baker? Anything’s possible right?  Who wants to join me?

Baked Tribeca Location - Smorespie

First Pies Prize Cookbook
and SmoresPie by Allison Kave

Baked Tribeca Location Dessert-A-Palooza Supports Charities

All proceeds for the event went to two very special causes: Cookies for Kids’ Cancer and Getting Out and Staying Out. Gretchen, co-founder of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer shared her inspiring story and explained how one person can really make a difference, even with just one cookie. And Getting Out and Staying Out is an incredible organization dedicated to drastically reducing the recidivism rate for 16-24 year-old justice involved men. Please click the above links for more information on these two wonderful causes.

Overall it was a lovely night, with a glorious amount of treats and great conversation. Thank you so much Baked Tribeca Location!
For more information on Baked, follow this link.

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