So you’ve hit that point where you are going back and forth as to why you shouldn’t and why you should live in New York City in your 20s. Well, I’m here to tell you that you should absolutely make the move and live in New York City at some point in your 20s.

Yes some will argue to you every possible point as to why you shouldn’t live in New York City; However, I’m willing to bet they either never did during their 20s so they don’t actually know what it’s like, or they have an unbearable amount of regret and jealousy that they were not able to.

So enough about the nay sayers and let’s get into the reasons why you should live in New York City in your 20s.

10 Reasons to Live In New York City in your 20s

1. It Will Make You Grow Up Fast

You know the saying “Only the strong survive,” yeah well welcome to the big apple. You will learn that you need to grow up fast and that nobody is going to hold your hand here in this city. Everyone and everything is more competitive and you need to grow up fast in order to succeed here.

2. You Will Be In Top Gear…….24/7

Why do you think there is such thing as “A New York Minute,” or the fact that we are considered “The city that never sleeps?” Because we are non-stop here, literally. We are all chasing something, whether it be a dream, money, success, adventure, etc. So you will learn to hustle and bustle at work, weave through crowds and traffic, simply because everyone else is doing it and you are chasing something as well.

3. You Will See All Walks Of Life

New York City is full of opportunity which brings people from all walks of life. You will broaden your views and interact with people from different cultures and learn to work with them as well. You basically get a better understanding of the world from just one city.

4. Your Skin Gets Thicker & You Deal With Big Egos

Nobody got that executive job by being a suck up and a push over. Ok, maybe a little bit of sucking up, but they clearly showed they have the skills to be a leader which usually comes with a big ego and you having to deal with their crazy requests. Even if it makes no sense. (Except my Boss of course)  But eventually, you realize all the craziness and egotistical b.s. you dealt with made you tougher and built for success.

5. Your Dream Job/Company Is Here

You can be anything and do anything you want in this city. Every possible career you could think of is here.  Million dollar companies were built here, and the list goes on. But, with so many job opportunities in this city, you better be sure to bring your A game.

6. You Learn The Real Value Of A Dollar

You will become a budgeting master living in New York City. Unless you are a super successful 20 something year old, chances are you will be living pretty modestly for a bit, especially because everything costs more here. There will be times where, as much as it sucks, that you have to tell people, “I can’t go out tonight. I’m a bit tight on money.”

7. You Will Have Multiple Reality Checks & Get Knocked Down

It’s a dog eat dog city and people are not scared to tell you how it is. When you make one mistake at work, there will be someone there to make it clear to you that you made that mistake with zero sympathy. Neighbors will yell at you for partying too loud next door or stumbling up the stairs recklessly at 4am, as if they where your parents. You’ll probably get your phone or wallet stolen at some point also. (Personal Experience Here)  But hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

8. Inspiration Is Everywhere

Everywhere you look you are inspired in this city. Things that never inspired you all of a sudden inspire you. (I swear it’s because of the air or that smell emanating from the subway grates). It could be inspiration for the next big business, invention, website, and more. Look at seamless, not only were they founded in New York but I probably couldn’t live with out it here.

9. There Is Never A Dull Moment

In a city that never sleeps, and has a population of roughly 8.4 Million people and counting, chances are if you see a dull moment the world is ending. You are bound to see something new everyday as well as learn something new. There are an endless amount things going on everyday here.

10. If You Can Survive Here, You Can Survive Anywhere

After you live in New York City for a few years you can basically survive anywhere. (NYC is like the Naked & Afraid of Living…but with clothes)   There will never be a task too hard, a challenge you can’t tackle, a big ego’d person you can’t deal with, or a tough time in life you can’t get through. You will come out from this experience stronger, smarter, more cultured, and ready to take on whatever life has to throw at you.

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