City Bakery, a part of New York City for over 20 years, is located near Union Square at 3 West 18th street.   I love everything about this place and their space.   The space is expansive with incredibly high loft ceilings.  I like sitting on the mezzanine level looking down over the rest of the restaurant.

The City Bakery is best known for their pretzel croissants & hot chocolate. Both made famous by the television show Sex in The City. The pretzel croissant is unlike any croissant I have ever eaten – Crispy, buttery, slightly salty and, when fresh out of the oven, it is an incredible bread lovers delight.  They also have a salad bar which is all organic and locally grown.  I usually get the catfish or a piece of fried chicken with some pesto pasta. If you are vegetarian they have many choices such as  marinated tofu with miso dressing, Romano beans in garlic & oil, lemon coated string beans, roasted brussels sprouts & roasted garlic. I recommend that you save room for dessert because you will not be able to pass up a chocolate chip cookie, bakers muffin or one of their tarts.  I have tried them all and they all are delicious. If you are getting a hot drink the hot chocolate is thick & creamy and served with a marshmallow on top. Perfect!

While City Bakery is such a great part of the fabric of the neighborhood they were such a standout 20 years ago when there was not a lot of fun happening on 18th Street.  At a time when every corner is turning into a giant drug store it is so nice to see a business plant their feet and be such a mainstay for so long.  I will keep going to City Bakery as long as they keep going!  Please keep going!!!

The City Bakery

3 West 18th Street, New York, NY  10011

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