Pó, an Italian restaurant, tucked away in a quaint spot at 31 Cornelia Street is best known for their fish.  Pó, I have heard some die hard New Yorkers say, prepares fish as well as Randazzo’s in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.  (For those of you not from NY or Brooklyn for that matter…comparing a place to Randazzo’s is huge!  It’s like comparing a Cadillac to a Vespa)  One of our favorite dishes at Pó is their Black Fettuccine with fresh mussels , sun dried tomatoes, scallions and green chile. If you like clams their Linguine Vangole (fresh claims, pancetta , red chile and white wine) is out of this world and they do a very tasty Grilled Salmon served with squash. Also on the menu is braised duck and hen which you would definitely not find at Randazzo’s.  Another one of my favorite dishes is their Orecchiette with sweet sausage ragu and broccoli rabe.  I usually go for the Orecchiette as it starts getting colder in Manhattan – Perfect Fall/Winter dish that hits the spot.Pó - Restaurant in the West Village, NY

When we say quaint we mean QUAINT in the small sense –   I would guess Po can fit under 40- people so you should definitely make a reservation.  And bring a date not the kids.  The place has a really nice vibe and nice wine selection – You can’t go wrong with a big fat Brunello and I love that they utilize the vibrant neighborhood around them in putting together their menu.


31 Cornelia Street, New York, NY



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