BLT Fish Shack – Consistent.  Fish always fresh and their raw bar fantastic.  We have been big fans of their salmon and tuna and I don’t know where they get their shrimp but they are usually great.  Keep in mind that you are only going to get 3 shrimp for $18 which has made some of their patrons almost faint.  $6 per shrimp is rough to swallow as delicious as they are.  Their incredibly expensive seafood tower is always a big draw for tourists.  I try not to order anything, off any menu, that request me to stand up to reach the top portion of the dish.

You should also be prepared that their portion of their entree fish is about the size of your palm and leaves you hungry for more.  I have heard, on numerous occasions, that the portions typically served in our restaurants are just too damn large.  So perhaps BLT Fish Shack is sticking to , what would be considered, a normal portion…but it’s a bit too little.

Quality is hugely important and we really do appreciate the care that goes into selecting their fish but we do need some variety every now and then.  The dishes and the menu have been exactly the same for as long as I can remember.  Even the t-shirts worn by the staff, with phases on the back that used to make us smile, feel tired and worn.  Back in the day, the BLT Fish Shack kitchen used to dream up some specials that were fantastic.  I wish I could remember what the specials were but it was so long ago that I have forgotten.  It make us sad that they very rarely change thing up.  Throw in some new menu items every once in a while.  I get their nervousness about too much change because BLT Fish (the upscale “other” restaurant that lived on the 3rd Floor of the same building) completely revamped their menu, scared off all of their faithful clientele, and recently closed due to overpriced boredom.

The BLT Fish Shack Bar is pretty small and gets crowded, and loud, so try and go earlier if possible.  On the Tito’s chart they get a 10 for having Tito’s at the bar and for the bartender knowing how to pour it!

BLT Fish Shack


21 West 17th St, New York, NY

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