For years now, research has shown how healthy and beneficial a traditional Mediterranean diet can be. With a focus on fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, this diet is known to reduce risk of heart disease, as well as provide many other benefits. And while it’s pretty easy to include fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats with your lunch and dinner, it may seem rather unnatural to grab for a salad instead of your sugar-laden cereal in the morning.

But back in NYC, Nanoosh is attempting to convert us onto this healthy Mediterranean breakfast trend with its brand new menu. Their options will surely switch up your morning routine. With healthy, organic, and well-balanced menu items, you’re sure to find something that will give you the proper fuel to jump-start your day.

Breakfast Begins at Nanoosh on Madison Avenue

Exclusively sold at its Madison location (for now), breakfast is served from 7:30-10:30am, perfect for those hopping on or off 33rd street station looking for a quick, yet nutritious bite. You’ll have your choice of a Mediterranean egg sandwich, breakfast platter, or Greek yogurt cup.

Being a huge fan of the Nanoosh original lunch and dinner menu, I decided to go in and see if their breakfast was on par. I went in towards the end of the breakfast crowd and ordered one of the breakfast platters. I paired my hard boiled eggs (as opposed to omelette style) with a side of hummus and a Mediterranean salad. Only a few minutes later, my breakfast was ready. First things first, their hummus never ever fails me. Homemade on site everyday, it is still one of the finest tasting hummus I’ve had in the city. The eggs and salad were tasty as well, but for $7.49, I felt that the portion size was bit underwhelming. I would instead recommend trying one of their two $5 egg sandwich options. Both are prepared on a fresh, hot out the oven whole-wheat pita. And both options have a unique Mediterranean flare. (Psst get the one with the hummus obviously) If you’re not quite ready to think about vegetables at 8am, I would suggest opting for their healthy Greek yogurt parfaits, organic granola, and organic juices, coffees, and teas, which are also offered.


For your next breakfast, stop into Nanoosh and start your day off on a healthy note. Because a good decision in the morning leads to good decisions throughout the day!

Click here for more information and to see their full menu!

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