Whether you’re planning a walk down the aisle, you have serious dreams of moving up the corporate ladder, or you simply want to take up those awesome jeans that have six-inches-too-much awesomeness in the legs, at some point you’ll need a tailor in NYC. For simple things like doing a hem or sewing on buttons, it probably doesn’t matter if you pick a bespoke specialist or you hand your gear over to your corner dry cleaners to get the job done. If you’re looking for a tailor who will make you look like NYC hotness, you’ll want to go with the folks who have a following.

Nelson Tailor Shop

The Lower East Side-based Nelson Tailor shop gets it right all day, every day. Whether you’ve scored a too-long Brioni suit that you’re determined to wear for the interview of your life, or you’re trying to tailor a beloved dress to a slimmer (or thicker?) you, Nelson is the man for the job. His attention to detail is legendary, and his prices are reasonable. It’s the kind of place where after you’ve got your alterations done, you’ll wonder what took you so freaking long.

170 Rivington Street, #1, NY, NY 10002 212-253-7071

Brooklyn Tailors

If you’re looking for a tailor because you want a bespoke suit that will make all the people pause as you walk into the room, you’ll be doing yourself the biggest favor by heading over to Brooklyn Tailors. Crafters of stunning, full-canvas suits that are the perfect blend of contemporary flare and refined elegance, the uber-popular Brooklyn Tailors use only the very best fabrics to create their masterpieces. Thinking of investing in a gorgeous, bespoke two-piece number? Expect to pay at least $1700 and up. If you’d rather go the off-the-rack route, a two-piece suit will run you about $995.

358 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 347-799-1646

Laura and Melinda Tailor Shop

You’re heading to a wedding next weekend in the Hamptons. You have a Stella McCartney gown that you know is going to blow the mind of your ex, the love of your life who will also be attending the nuptials. You throw on the dress and boogie in front of your mirror, practicing the dance moves that will enchant the target of your affection. The dress is pure perfection. As you twist to do a complicated wiggle, you shimmy a hole right into the side of the dress, a hole that has the audacity to stretch beyond the hemline and into the fabric. You start to lose consciousness before a friend comes to the rescue by making an appointment for you at the Laura and Melinda Tailor shop. Mustafa and his staff take the dress, tell you when to return and bid you adieu. A few days later, you have a Stella McCartney dress that almost looks better than when you bought it! In other words, Mustafa and the crew at Laura and Melinda are the folks to go to when you need to make the impossible possible.

157 Rivington Street, NY, NY 10002 212-228-4500


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