Oh Baby! I am beyond excited for this Saturday. For the 7th year the International Great Beer Expo is coming to Long Island. This is not your average beer tasting ladies and gents, it’s an expo (that means it’s a big deal).

Getting sick of the same old 6-pack? This is your chance to get out there and try some suds you’ve never heard of or know little about. With over 100 beer from 50+ International Brewers, if you can’t find a beer you like maybe you should switch back to the non-alcoholics. The American brew masters will be shoulder to shoulder with their international brethren from like Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Austria, Nicaragua, Thailand, Poland and many more.

The International Great Beer Expo is taking over the indoors of the concourse at the Belmont Park Racetrack on November 8th. There are 2 sessions so there is really no excuse to miss out on the fun. Pocket the souvenir 5oz glass at the door, grab the 2oz taster and get ready for a tasting that will tantalize your taste buds. The limitless tasting is not a challenge but will give you a chance to try some brews you wouldn’t think of trying.

I’m really excited for some of my favorite breweries getting showcased at this event. Since I hail from Connecticut I have to mention Two Roads Brewing Co. Not only are the names of their beers awesome, like Route of All Evil Black Ale, but they taste is of everything they make is awesome. Whether you are stuck in your ways or just unsure of what’s out there, the International Great Beer Expo is somewhere you have to stop this weekend.

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